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Fun and Simple Homemade Halloween Mask

Published by Justin Ewert

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There is nothing wrong with saving money during Halloween with these homemade Halloween mask ideas. Below you will find three types of mask ideas. There is a celebrity Halloween mask idea, a family Halloween mask idea, and a scary Halloween mask idea. Below I have given general instructions to make each of the masks. However, I have also included detailed suggestions for each mask, as well. You can make these for yourself or for your children. You can easily make these masks a week or two in advance, that way you and your kids are already prepared to go trick-or-treating on Halloween day. Also, parents or guardians make sure you cut out the eyes and faces using the Exacto knife and wear your goggles for safety. I hope you enjoy these fun mask ideas. Have fun and Happy Halloween!

Material for All Three Masks:

Card Stock

Photo Paper

A Paint Stirring Stick

Ribbon (orange of black)

Fake Eyelashes, beards, mustaches (black or colored glitter)

A Stapler


Exacto Knife


A photo of your favorite celebrity or

A photo of a family member or

A photo of your favorite scary movie character

General Instructions for All Masks:

The first thing you do is go to a search a website to find a picture of your favorite celebrity. You can also find a picture of your favorite scary-movie character. Next, you need to copy the photo onto your computer and save it. You should already have copies of family member photos on your computer, if not, you will need to take a headshot or two of the family member you want to be for Halloween. Try to find a photo of your favorite celebrity or scary-movie character that is only a headshot. However, if you are stuck on one particular photo that includes a body, not to worry, go ahead and copy the photo to your computer.

Next, make sure to give it a file name, so that later you can easily find the photo you are working on. Now, at this time if the picture contains a face and a body, you need to open up a photo editing software page on your computer, and then crop the photo so it’s a headshot. Make sure to resize the photo, so that it will fit within the borders of the print frame.

Now, place a sheet of photo paper inside you printer, and then print the photo using the best resolution possible. Once the photo is printed, glue it to a piece of card stock and then let it dry. After it has dried, you can then cut the face out. Then you need to use an Exacto knife to cut out the eyes. Be sure to do this step for your kids, and wear your safety goggles. Once you have done this, you need to decide on if you want to wear your mask or hold it to your face. If you choose to hold your mask, then you need to attach a paint stirring stick to the chin of your photo. However, if you want to wear your mask, you need cut two equally-sized strips of ribbon. Use a stapler to attach one piece of ribbon on each side of the head where the ears should be.

Decorating, Accessories, and Clothing Suggestions for Celebrity Mask

Now you can give your celebrity Halloween mask a little pizzazz, by adding black eyelashes to the top of the eyes lids. If it’s a guy you can add a mustache or beard by using glue. Also, you can spruce up your celebrity Halloween look by finding an outfit that your favorite celebrity has worn, and wearing a cheap version of it.

Decorating, Accessories, and Clothing Suggestions for Family Mask

Look in your family member’s closet, and find one of their outfits you can mimic. If you don’t find anything you like, then wear and orange t-shirt and jeans or a cape.

Decorating, Accessories, and Clothing Suggestions for Scary Movie Mask

For your scary movie mask, try to find a bear costume that will match the character you have chosen. If you can’t find an exact match, then just go with the one that looks the bests with your mask.



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