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Fun Halloween Games for Teenagers

Published by Rich Cicchetti

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Here are my very favorite Halloween games from when I was a teenager!

Spooky Scavenger Hunt

As guests are arriving, have them write on slips of paper Halloween or fall-like things they’ve seen around town. This can be anything from a red maple leaf to a smashed pumpkin to a piece of candy corn in the street- anything goes! When everyone has arrived, make a list of each item that was put in the bowl and make teams, then set a time limit to go find everything! They must write down on the sheet where they find each thing, or, if there aren’t any things on the list that are impossible to move, tell them they must bring each object that they find back with them! You can give a prize based on either best time or most objects found (or both!) The fun thing with everyone writing a few of their own things down is that then everyone will at least be guaranteed to find one or two things.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Ask each guest to bring a medium-sized pumpkin (about the size of a basketball), a carving knife, and a black Sharpie (colors too if they wish). Also ask each guest to bring something to put on their pumpkin (for example, mini marshmallows or gumdrops for teeth, etc.). Ask each guest to sign up for something different (have someone bring something for eyes, teeth, ears, etc.) Have everyone (on their own or in teams) carve and decorate a pumpkin, then set up fun categories for judging- Most Creative, Most Original, Scariest, etc., and hand out prizes.

“I Heard it Through the Grapevine”

You may also know this game as “telephone”, but it sounds more fun this way! Have everyone sit in a circle and choose someone to start. Have them think of a sentence or phrase that is Halloween-related (tongue twisters work great for this one!) and whisper to the next person. Keep going around the circle til you reach the person before whomever started it. They say out loud what they heard and you can see how easily a sentence can be misconstrued!

Enjoy these games- and tell teenagers to make up other parts or more challenging parts for themselves! It can be a game in itself trying to gather up prizes, too. As an icebreaker, fill a jar with a small Halloween candy (like candy corn) and have each guest guess how many pieces are in the jar. Whomever comes the closest gets to keep the candy!




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