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Go Green This Halloween with an Eco-Friendly Halloween Party

Published by Denis Ciaccio

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Go green this Halloween and host an eco-friendly Halloween party that will be lots of fun and get your guests thinking about ways they can help the environment. Keeping just three key words, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in mind you can throw a party that everyone will enjoy and leaves less of a carbon footprint on the Earth.


Get your party off to a green start by avoiding traditional paper invitations. Make your own cards by using old magazines, cards, recycled paper or hemp paper. Reduce paper waste all together by using a free online site such as www.evite.com , www.pingg.com or www.regards.com These online sites allow you to create your own digital invitations and send them via email to your guests.


Think natural.

Many seasonal vegetables and fruits can be used to decorate your home for Halloween. Gourds, pumpkins, apples and other items from nature look great as accents on front porches and around the house. Bales of straw can add to your decor and serve as extra seating. Cornstalks can also add a nice touch. All of these items can either be eaten or added to compost piles after Halloween.

Think Reuse.

Give old clothes and sheets new life by reusing them to create “spook”tacular yard decorations. Scarecrows can be easily created with just some old clothes stuffed with more clothes, a recycled Halloween mask and a hat. Tie them to trees or sit in chairs to greet your guests as they arrive. Old sheets can become a group of dancing ghosts to add a spooky touch http://www.superactivities.com/halloween-yard-decoration.html Cardboard boxes can be repurposed to become coffins, tombstones and storage for your decorations.


Use items from your closet or the thrift shop to create unique one of a kind costumes that are good for the environment and good for your wallet. Check out the Daily Green www.dailygreen.com for 100 Homemade Costume Ideas. Encourage your guests to come in homemade costumes as well. Consider having a Best Homemade Costume Contest and award a prize to the person who has the most creative costume using recycled materials.

Food and Drink

When shopping for food for your party try and buy from your local farmers whenever possible. Look for items that are organic and are in season and come in environmentally friendly packaging.

Instead of serving individual drinks in containers get out your punch bowl and make a delicious punch or sangria for your guests. Write names on labels and place on cups so your guests can keep track of their drink and won’t be getting a new cup every time they can’t find theirs.

If you do decide to serve drinks in individual containers encourage your guests to recycle by designating a trash can for recyclables only.

As for plates try to avoid paper and go with something that you can reuse such as plastic plates or plates made from Bamboo which are 100% plant based, made from highly renewable resources, and are fully compostable. www.infinitecanopy.com has a package of 100 plates for under $10.00


Focus on fun instead of prizes. A group of friends getting together and laughing over good times is the best treat anyone will receive.

If you want games at your party some great ones that are eco friendly and sure to get everyone involved are:

Scarecrow Decorating Contest -Split your guests and have them race to see who can make a scarecrow out of old clothes and other recyclables the fastest.

Mummy Wrap This game is traditional played with rolls of toilet paper rolls but you can make it eco-friendly by precutting old sheets into long one inch strips. To play divide guests into teams and give each team a pile of sheet strips.The teams choose one member to wrap up like a mummy. The winner is he team that wraps their mummy the most completely in a set amount of time.

Party Favors

Send your guests home with a selection of eco friendly treats in a reusable container or recycle soup cans into treat containers by painting them orange with black facial features and adding a pipe cleaner handle. Nature moms has a list of organic free trade friendly treats on their site www.naturemoms.com With all the focus on the environment and organic products companies are starting to make more products that are eco friendly. You can find everything from chocolate to lollipops to stuff your treat containers with.




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