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Great Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Published by Selina Gugliotti

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It is one of the most popular get-ups every Halloween and thanks to the Twilight novels, they are everywhere now. Books, television, movies, and people cannot get enough of them. Vampires also have an updated look now. You do not even need to dress up in formal clothing complete with a black cape and perfectly coiffed hair. Dress up in ordinary street clothes, put on foundation as pasty white as possible, and look at everybody like they’re your favorite ice cream you haven’t eaten in a year, and you’re all set.


This would also work nicely with a partner. You can come to your Halloween party as Frankenstein and his bride or looking like someone from the movie Night of the Living Dead. Get some really dirty and stained clothes, preferably a white dress and a tuxedo, add some rips and tears here and there. Use different shades of face color, like blue, green, white, red, and gray. Put dark eye shadow under your eyes and cheekbones to create a hollow look. Use eyeliner to make stitches going around your face and neck. Just move about in a stiff, disjointed way, and moan and grunt in case someone comes up to talk with you.


We are not talking about the Harry Potter version but the wrinkly, scary version complete with a back stump and an evil cackling laugh. Green makeup for the face and black lipstick are needed. Add moles, warts and put on a hooked nose for a better effect. You can buy them at a specialty store or at the mall where all the costumes and Halloween accessories are. Throw on a long, flowy black dress and a nice pointed hat. Get your broom out from the closet. Act like your having a really bad day, mumble a lot under your breath, and laugh shrilly whenever you can.


You’ll need to hide your hair for this look so put on a latex cap for a smooth skull. Use white foundation all over your face, head, and neck. Put black eye shadow all around the eyes and nose to make them look hollow. For your lips, you can either just wear black lipstick or use eyeliner to create black lines around the area to make them look like teeth. Make “cracks” on your skull using the same black eyeliner.

Morticia Addams

Put on a long, black wig if you do not have naturally straight black hair. Part it in the middle and just leave it hanging around your face. Apply porcelain foundation; line your eyes heavily with dark eyeliner with gray eye shadow on the lids all the way up to the eyebrows. The eyebrows should also be lined with dark color and lips a dark red. This look would be even better if you can get your husband to dress up as Gomez Addams and your children as Wednesday and Pugsley. Complete the picture looking as serene and imperturbable in a long, black, figure hugging dress with a train that makes you look like you’re gliding while you walk.

This list could go on forever. Just remember that Halloween is a time to let your creativity run riot and have fun throughout.

Article Resource: Elena Bautista



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