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Great Things to Do with a Halloween Pumpkin

Published by Kareem Wycoff

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Pumpkins have been the traditional decoration during Halloween. Do you know there are various creative ways to make use of a Halloween pumpkin?

Jack-O-Lantern: Jack-O-Lantern is the traditional symbol of Halloween. It is an age-old tradition used at every event, party or Halloween venue. From simple carving to some creative work, you can try anything while carving them. It is very important to choose the right pumpkin before carving, though.

You also need the right tools like a boning knife, paring knife, cutting saw, sharpening stone, a pattern to follow, poker tool, candles etc. You can find most of the items in your kitchen while a professional kit is also available in the market. You can proceed with the traditional pumpkin carving with these tools and later place a traditional candle inside the pumpkin.

If you want to give your decoration a modern outlook, you can draw an outline on the pumpkin and carve it out in the respective shape. A stencil and a transfer tool can do the job for you. The life span of a pumpkin can vary from a day to week. You can add more creativity by coloring the pumpkin or monogramming it.

Cook the Pumpkin: You can prepare delicious pumpkin casserole with your Halloween pumpkin. You need proper ingredients such as pumpkin meat, onion, salt, pepper, butter, eggs, milk and farmer cheese to make this recipe. This is not the only recipe you can make, and you can make your own dishes by trying different ingredients. Pumpkin dishes go really well when used with roast pork.

Other dishes you can make can be curried pumpkin and mushroom soup, cheesecakes etc. Pumpkin pie is a famous dish prepared during Halloween. You can always try to sprinkle other ingredients and spice up the recipe to your taste.

Cook the seeds: What do you do with the leftovers when you have made a jack-o-lantern with your pumpkin? There are various ways to cook the Pumpkin seeds, and they are very healthy for your diet.

Some of the famous cooking ways are either microwaving or roasting. You can use a damp cloth to wipe off the seeds if you do not wish to lose the pumpkin flavor. Oven roasting is one of the simplest methods to obtain brown roasted pumpkin seeds. Just pre-heat the seeds, toss in a bowl of butter, place this over a baking sheet, sprinkle salt and put in an oven until brown.

These are some great ways to use your Halloween pumpkin. What do you plan to do with your pumpkin this year?

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