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Halloween, a Night of Fun and Fright

Published by Loria Nicka

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Halloween Poem

Halloween comes at my favorite time of year, the leaves start to change and fall colors everywhere.
Look around at the pumpkins and scarecrows and men, the haystacks, and smells of apple cider in the air.
The thrill and anticipation of walking around to give a good fright, Is more than for the kiddo’s we adults love the sight. We love to dress up, go to parties, bob for apples. But really the most fun is watching the children’s imagination’s running wild.

To see the looks on their faces all dressed up like a princess, or ghoul. They really believe what they see, for a night they are a pirate, queen, a witch, or goblin. They are allowed to pretend what ever they desire, and this stirs something up inside them, a flame, a fire.

There are haunted houses to see, a field to walk through, an island full of ghosts, and devils waiting for you.
So come along and join the fun, dress up and play everyone. For Halloween only comes just one time a year. Go give a fright, a sight, a boo, and a thrill. I dare you to live your life as you will.



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