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Halloween – Animal Abuse

Published by Kristen Andras

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Since it’s almost holiday season, I feel that it is necessary to speak out against animal abuse. The first ‘real’ holiday coming up is Halloween. Dress up if you’d like, dress your child up if he/she is into that, but leave your damn pet alone. Most pets do not like any of the crap that their owners put on them. All of the doggie sweaters, cat booties, post-grooming bandanas, and Halloween costumes are completely unnecessary and as far as I feel like reaching, it’s abuse. It all comes down to the fact that these dogs and cats do not know that it’s Halloween.

They don’t know what the fuck Halloween is. Actually, the majority of the population doesn’t know what Halloween really is, but that’s beside the point. I find it completely unfair that you as a selfish human being feel the need to dress up your dog or cat in a stupid costume to embarrass, belittle, and make your pet highly uncomfortable just so you can take pictures and share laughs with your stupid friends and your awful family. Fuck you. All your pet knows is that it is now itchy. Don’t you retards get the hint when your pet spends the rest of the day gnawing at the costume in an attempt to rip it off? I hate you all. If you want to be a good pet owner, take your dog or cat out trick or treating with you.

Most pets like exercise and being outside. You collect candy and eat it or give it away to some children and then you go out and buy your pet some nice holiday milk bones, cat treats, bones made out of bulls’ penis, or whatever it is that your pet loves to chew on. The only thing that the majority of pets enjoy are eating, sleeping, going outside to poop with a little bit of pee, and actually getting pet here and there.

That’s where the noun form of pet derives from. Being pet, assholes. So leave your animals alone this Halloween other than giving them treats and walking them, and leave the costumes to the kids who actually enjoy wearing them. Have a nice day (unless you are one of the above-mentioned jerks).




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