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Halloween Candy Alternatives That Will Not Leave You Tricked

Published by Lanny Berch

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Looking for an alternative treat for Halloween that will not leave you being tricked? You are not alone! Many parents would love someone to hand out something in place of candy after all, candy is tradition. Why not change it up this year and explore the other possibilities that children would still enjoy without suffering from a sugar high or rotten teeth?

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to kid savvy items. Here are 5 alternatives that will leave any kid smiling.

1) Spider Kit- 3 black pipe cleaners (sold at craft stores in bulk for small amount) and 1 medium sized button (also sold in craft stores by the bag). In a baggy place the items with a small instruction sheet : Loop the pipe cleaners through the holes on the button then bend the ends, the finished result is a black spider to use as decoration or just plain fun. My kids absolutely loved this craft and it was something they could do on their own!

2) Microwave Popcorn Bags- Every kid enjoys popcorn. Especially when they have their very own bag! These are sold around Halloween in the small sizes as well. Perfect for a pint sized tyke.

3) Colored pencils/Crayons- Right now with all the back to school sales over, most stores are clearing out the overstock and you can pick these up for $.25 or less.

4) Bubbles- Every kid and adult alike have fun with these all year round. You can never go wrong with this purchase! You can find these in packs of 6 in the party good section.

5) Glow Sticks/Necklaces- You can by these by bulk online, party good stores or you local Dollar Store (we have Dealz, and Dollar Tree as well in my area). Not only are you giving an alternative to candy but, you are also contributing to the safety of Halloweener’s. Wearing these while walking the neighborhood allows the children to be seen by passerby’s.

There are so many more items that can be given. Use your imagination and try and look through the eyes of your inner child. What would you enjoy?

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