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Halloween Candy Candle Votives

Published by Mariel Coonfare

Halloween Candy Candle Votives are a fun and whimsical way to decorate your Halloween buffet table this year for Halloween. I love Halloween candy and the wrappers are often the perfect colors to decorate for the Holiday!

So, buy some of your favorite Halloween candies and use them to make these simple Halloween Candy Candle Votives. Don’t worry, not candy will be harmed in the making of these Halloween candle votives and your guests and you can easily reach in, grab one, and eat it!

To Make Halloween Candy Candle Votives You Will Need:

Clear glasses or clear glass candle votives
Halloween candles
Pillar candle or tea candle
That’s all folks!

The first step is to choose yoru clear glasses or glass candle votives. You will need two for each Halloween candy candle votive.

For each votive you will need one large candle votive or glass and one small candle votive or glass. Clear glass is best.

You can find super cheap clear glasses and glass candle votives at super centers, discount home stores, and more. Best of all you can use these clear glass candle votives again for other holidays.

Now, take the larger of the two candle votives.

Set the smaller clear glass inside.

There should be about two inches of room at least in between the two clear piece of glass.

Now, load up the space in between the glass candle votives with candy corn, candy pumpkins, or other Halloween candy of yoru choice!

Inside of the smaller empty clear glass votive you can drop in a pillar candle or tea candle.

Tips and Ideas:

Try sing two clear glass candle votives that match, but vary in size.

You can substitute the smaller candle votive inside with a clear drinking glass. You will need to use a tea candle in this case.

You can also use a clear glass bowl for the larger piece. Inside use a clear dinking glass. Fill the bowl with candy around the glass inside.

If you want to use a large platter with somewhat height sides that is a great option as well for this Halloween candy candle votive. Simple set out your latter. On the platter arrange some smaller juice sized glasses. Around the clear juice glasses you can fill the platter with different Halloween candies.

Now, inside place small tea candles!

Most people will have drinking glasses, juice glass, bowls, or a platter, so get creative. There is no reason to spend a ton of money on these Halloween candle votives if you do not have to!

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