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Halloween Care Packages for Soldiers

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Put a Smile on a Soldiers Face This Holiday Season

Surprise one or more of our brave, hardworking soldiers with a Halloween care package this holiday season. It is sure to put a big smile on their face. Even though our soldiers are over seas, they still think about family and friends celebrating holidays, wishing they were home enjoying all the fun and excitement with their loved ones. Let them know they have not been forgotten and you are missing them; put together a special package full of candy and treats, along with a few gifts to brighten up their day.

Treats for Troops is an online organization that helps put grab bags together filled with candy, treats, decoration and an array of goofy stuff to put a smile on a soldiers face. Send your brave soldier the Halloween Party Pack. This pack is filled with treats, candy and fun for just $99.95. The Halloween Grab Bag is filled with candy, cookies, and masks and much more for just $24.99. It is a small price to pay to brighten their holiday; after all they are over there defending our country. It is because of them we can celebrate this Halloween season.

If you want to put a special touch into a Halloween care package for your son or daughter over seas, make one from the whole family. Fill it with candy, cookies, letters and much more. Let them know you will be thinking about them. You can make it more personal by adding some photos of the family, or drawings from their young siblings or children. Let the younger ones in the family decorate the packaging. Any special, personal touch you add to the package will make it that much more special to the soldier receiving it.

If you don’t have anyone in your family that is a soldier over seas, you can still send a care package to show your love and support. When a soldier receives mail from home, they know that someone loves them and they know they are over there doing what is right for their country. Help keep their morale up by sending a piece of the holiday to them. If you don’t know who to send a package to, there are several organizations available where you can choose one in an “Adopt a Soldier” program.

Please be sure when sending the soldiers a Halloween care package, that none of the decorations ore gifts are gruesome. Send them cute, funny things like small jack o’ lanterns, a happy Halloween banner or silly string; Things of that nature. Remember, we want to put a smile on their faces. They risk their lives everyday; send them a special package that will put a big smile on their faces for just a few minutes. It will make a world of difference.



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