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Halloween Costumes for Toddlers: Cartoon Character Halloween Outfits for Two and Three Year Olds

Published by Bee Hudec

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A good place for parents to start gathering ideas for Halloween costumes is by thinking about the characters and cartoons that their toddler adores. There is no shortage of popular TV character costumes, and more than likely, a costume for young children can be found to fit any budget.

Cost of Costumes

What parents need to consider is that when it comes to costumes, they will get what they pay for. If they are looking for a simple costume that will only be used for that one evening of trick or treating, a low cost costume will do fine. However, if parents want to pass a particular costume on or throw it into the dress up trunk in the playroom, they may want to think about investing in a mid to high cost outfit.

Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, Swiper, and Boots

Dora and her pals, Swiper and Boots, along with her boy-counterpart, Diego, are dearly loved by many toddlers. Rubies Costume Company distributes several officially licensed versions of these characters ranging in price from around $20 – $40. Something parents should make special note of is what items are included in the costume. Many catalogues or on-line stores depict the costume with certain items (like boots or wigs), but they do not necessarily come included with the costume. Parents should be sure to read the fine print.

Super Hero and Princess Outfits

Toddlers who spend their time daydreaming of super heroes or princesses might love to actually live their dream for a day. Disney has definitely capitalized on the Disney Princess sensation and offers a multitude of costumes ranging in price from $30 – $50 for outfits purchased through their stores. They seemingly have costumes for all their adored royalty: Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, Pocohantas, Jasmine, and Belle. However, parents may find more affordable princess costumes from costume eTailers or department stores.

Likewise Marvel and DC comics have no shortage of Super Hero costumes on the market. From Iron Man to the Hulk, Storm to Wonder Woman, parents will be able to turn their little one into a miniature comic book hero with ease.

Finding the Occupational Halloween Costume

Other kids who spend less time in a fantasy world of make believe characters find themselves fascinated by real life people. These young children might prefer to don Halloween costumes from occupations or careers that interest them. Costume Super Center has a great selection that includes (not limited to) postal workers, construction workers, fire fighters, cops, train engineers, astronauts, and doctors.

There is a wide selection of toddler Halloween costumes available, and kids will love the night of escape. Whatever Halloween costume is selected, certainly young children will enjoy their trick or treat night.

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