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Halloween Dinner Ideas

Published by Merideth Martindale

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We all want to have fantastic holiday dinners, and Halloween is no exception, so what can you serve up that will both amaze visually and be a fantastically appetizing feast? Here are a few ideas on where to start and how to make Halloween a fun and festive occasion.

First we’ll start with the more obvious choice of spiced pumpkin pie for dessert. However, you can add some flair to it by adding plastic spider rings pressed into each piece to add a little more Halloween atmosphere. Other options are using those mini-pumpkins as little bowls for side dishes or to hold pumpkin icecream.

Main courses for Halloween should stick to things that are starchy and light if you’re planning on following a nice dinner with some lively partying. However, if dinner is the main event, feel free to serve heavier dishes. Also, depending on your climate, Halloween might still be warm or even hot, so serve chilled spiced cider instead of hot if this is the case.

Great ideas for main meals are things with a seasonal flare, Chili con Carne, “Bat Wings” essentially chicken wings with food coloring added to make the sauce black, also anything that can be easily interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell to feed those little haunts looking for candy is a good idea. Spiced foods are a great idea for Halloween, and fall Crock-Pot recipes are just the thing to make your life a little easier while adding all the visuals for making the décor and atmosphere just scream Halloween. Soups and stews served in mini cauldrons, summer squash served in mini-pumpkin bowls, and finishing that off with pumpkin pie or pumpkin ice cream are my ideal for a Halloween dinner.

Also, consider that Halloween is a holiday that honors the dear departed. Making grandma’s old recipes to carry on family tradition is a great way to carry on her memory. My family makes a corn soufflé every year that’s been in our family for generations. We bake summer or winter squash, mash it up, and toast baby marshmallows over it in the oven. We make no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies for the kids, and serve hot or cold cider depending on the weather. We also will do things like put orange food coloring in the whipped cream and add decorative little things like spiders, fake webs, and various other things as garnishes to make the food on the table seem that much more festive.

No matter what you do, make it something to remember. Whether it is a somber night of remembrance or a festive party, a great meal is sure to be a highlight for everyone on Halloween NIght.



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