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Halloween Follies

Published by Rosie Trullinger

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Funny Halloween Memories- Not for Kids

Let’s face it: even without a specific Halloween anecdote, the holiday at “our age” is a humorous spectacle in and of itself: women broadcasting their inner-slut (but don’t all cats wear heels and only barely cover their derriere?), men mimicking someone they secretly admire under the guise of making fun (Austin Powers is so goofy- but I bet it will work with the ladies…). But whenever a group of people gathers costumed- emboldened by the hint of alter ego and likely alcoholic beverage in hand- you can be sure mayhem will ensue.

Early in the evening of Halloween 2016, my friend managed to pee on her cat tail during a standard public-toilet hover. The sad part was that this was not discovered until a flirting male friend jokingly grabbed her tail in his teeth.

The same friend apparently left her disposable camera in the restroom at some point. The following day she called the bar to learn they had found it and would hold it for her. She developed the pictures a day later, revealing approximately 12 pictures of various people’s backsides. Nice.

We met a duo that was naturally able to “one-up” the usual Pregnant Nun attendee: an actual nun who simply dressed to look pregnant, and her actual pregnant friend who dressed as a nun.

As a vampire, I was able to provide a gruesome scare with the help of a Mad Dentist I met at the party. We partnered to enact a fight where I yelled “No! This isn’t funny anymore!” as he pulled out one of my fake teeth that happened to look pretty authentic. Some people didn’t think that was so funny.

My friend Matt suffered admiring male whistles in response to his butt-clinging sailor pants, as his girlfriend did not foresee this attention when she chose Olive Oil and Popeye costumes for them. I never saw him so insistent on being by her side!

Walking home, the night came to an appropriate end with a friend from out of town propositioning what he thought was someone only pretending to be a prostitute, yet- well, you can figure it out….



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