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Halloween Goodies for Your Child’s Lunchbox

Published by Chris Baymon

Peanut butter and jelly or bologna and cheese sandwiches are much more fun and enjoyable when cut into fun shapes. Use your Halloween cookie cutters to cut your child’s lunch box sandwich into fun holiday shapes.

Halloween Pencil. Surprise your child with a cool Halloween themed pencil in their lunch box. You can use a bit of clear tape to attach a few Hershey Kisses to the pencil to give your child a sweet after lunch treat as well as a new pencil to use on their schoolwork in the afternoon.

Pumpkin Pie. A small wedge of pumpkin pie made the night before will give your child a delicious seasonal dessert to enjoy while eating lunch at school on Halloween.

Love Note On Halloween Stationary. A short note on Halloween themed stationary written to your child about how much you can’t wait for them to come home and start the holiday fun will surely put a smile on their face and increase their excitement about all the fun in store for them once the school day is over.

Candy Corn. Most parents strive to fill their children’s lunch boxes with healthy foods to give them the vitamins and energy they need to focus on learning during the school day. Halloween is a day to relax the rules a bit and give your child a tasty treat to enjoy after their sandwich, such as delicious candy corn.

Orange Foods. Plan your child’s school day Halloween lunch around the traditional color of Halloween. Use orange marmalade instead of grape jelly and fill a Tupperware container with orange slices or cantaloupe wedges. Trade the traditional apple juice for orange and enjoy your child’s delight when they come from school after being surprised by a fun orange Halloween lunch!

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