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Halloween Haunted House Promotion: How to Get the Word Out

Published by Toshia Dubon

Youtube of your Halloween Haunted House. It could include a walkthrough, behind the scenes, tell the story of the haunted house, or make it ambiguous so it will be a surprise.

3. Contact the local newspaper. If you have a small town paper they may be interested in an article on your Halloween Haunted House. They could come when you are working on it or when it is finished.

4. Get in touch with the police or firefighters and charge admission with the proceeds going to a police retirement fund or some similar charity and you will likely get a lot of help from them and a lot of publicity they might even volunteer to help out at the house.

5. Put flyers in local stores, libraries, etc. One great location to post flyers for your Halloween Haunted House is in barbershops or beauty salons as many people talk and even gossip with there barber or stylist and if they don’t see the flyer they will likely get told about it.

6. Post the information as an announcement in your local free circular or newspaper. Many towns have free circulars like the Pennysaver, or offer free announcement space in the newspapers.

7. Post your announcement on Craiglist. It is free and a lot of people locally read Craiglist even daily and you might get more people reading it then the local paper.

8. If nothing else you can always blog about your house. Give the reader an idea of the work that you put into building your Halloween Haunted House. Give the house a story behind why it is haunted.

You can follow all the tips to improve your chances of bringing in lots of people. Presentation is also important and in a multimedia world you might want to combine things like flyers linking to your Youtube, blog, and Craiglist. Youtube can have a link at the end of the video to your blog so everyone can read it. You might want to include flyers at your Halloween Haunted House so next year they will know to go to any sites or blogs and get updates.

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