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Halloween Kids Party Themes

Published by Carletta Sollis

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Several Ideas for the Best Kid’s Halloween Party

Planning a Halloween party for your kids and their friends this season, but you’re not sure where to start? Start here! First, you should pick a theme. Then get some decorations to go with that theme, and everything else will fall into place. Here are a few ideas of themes, and a few tips on how to decorate. Read to the end to see overall decoration and snack ideas.

Best for ages 1 through 10:

  1. Villains & Super Heroes

Come dressed as your favorite villain or hero! Either from your favorite cartoon, comic book, or even novel!

Decorations: You can have a backdrop of a run down city, or spooky towns. Have villainous music in the background. Create a few forts out of tables and cloths, so your villains can hide from Super Heroes. Host a contest for best cape, best evil laugh, best overall costume.

  1. Skeletons

There are a variety of skeletal costumes out there, help your child pick one out that gets attention and it’s unique!

Decorations: Graveyard, with moss, and gravestones. Choose funny sayings, rather than scary ones, like “Here lies my homework”. Place pumpkins around the room, along with spider webs. Bones can be randomly placed about, to give it that boneyard look. A fog machine would add to the effects, set on low. Or could even use a bubble machine for the younger kids.

  1. Spooks

Having the kids stick to the traditional ghosts and goblins, zombies and witches, keeps everything in the Halloween spirit.

Decorations: Place fake spider webs in the corner of ceilings, and random places, sticking plastic spiders to them. The tables could be covered with Halloween theme tablecloths. Have spooky lights going off on one side of the room, with music chosen best for kids, keeping with the spirit. A few other random decorations would be best.

Best for ages 11 through 15:

  1. Face your fears

What is your worst fear? Capture it in a costume, and come party! Just because you’re scared of it, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!

Decorations: Something that you fear doesn’t have to be just for this holiday. You can choose whatever scares you, and turn it into something that will be sure to spook others. Take the scariest features and elaborate on it.

  1. Sickest monster

What’s the most grotesque, vile, disgusting thing you can think of? Great! Gross out some friends, as they’re trying to gross you out.

Decorations: Slime, ooze, and fake bugs (dead or alive), can be thrown all around the room. Fake arms and legs covered in blood can be in hidden places, that seem to jump out at you!

  1. Most creative costume

Anything you want! Home made or store bought, mix and match. It’s a creative way to get your imagination going.

Decorations: Anything unique. Create decorations, or just take several different ones and make something new. Act crazy, even if it doesn’t look right, as long as it’s nothing you’ve seen before!

  1. Haunted ghost town

Ghosts! Even dead celebrities, just so long as you’re in spirit form!

Decorations: Pale, sheer panels can decorate the walls, the tables, and even the chairs. Balloons with white sheets thrown over them can be more ghosts. You can use a backdrop of a ghost town, so it feels like you are really haunting the place! Eerie Halloween sounds can play in the background rather than music. White Marshmallows can even be a decoration, randomly toss these around the snack table. Fun to eat and it adds to the theme.

  1. Re-enactment party

Pick a scary or spooky moment in history and try to re-enact it. Like the thirteenth floor or the witch trials, anything that fits into the Halloween spirit. They could even pick their favorite Halloween movie.

Decorations: Theme it around the era, or movie that you’ve chosen, and be sure everyone comes dressed up as the appropriate characters. Even hand out a few “scripts”, some snippets from the movie that they could re-enact. You can hold a contest, and award the prize to the one who stayed in character the longest, or the most throughout the night.

For All Ages

  1. Harry Potter

Dress as your most beloved character from these popular books.

Decorations: Make it look as though they’re in a castle. Or you could decorate the backyard and make it seem as though they’ve really entered the Forbidden Forest. Giant spiders and bats, even owls can be placed in the trees. Stuffed cats and rats can be set around to act as familiars. Wands can be handed out to those who don’t have one. Tying house (Slytherin, Gryffindor, etc) colored ribbons to the end of broomsticks, and leaning them against the walls will add to the Harry Potter feel. Host a wand casting history class, and play trivia games based on the book. Be sure to know the answers before you ask, or the students will be correcting you!

  1. Traditional

Anything you want, it’s tradition to pick out whoever you want to be this Halloween. Take on a new identity and have fun with it.

Decorations: Anything! Tradition is key, what have you used every year before now? That’s the perfect option. Simple carved pumpkins, witches and ghosts on the windows. Bats hanging from the trees. Can’t go wrong with tradition!

Decorations that would be best for each party: Fake spider webs, Halloween theme balloons (black and orange), spiders, ghosts, witches, pumpkins, spooky music, eerie lights, and black cats, talking werewolves, and even gargoyles guarding the doors. Tombstones, moss, fog, bugs, bats, bones, fake blood, and just about anything scary or spooky!

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