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Halloween Night Home Security Tips

Published by Eufemia Bartos

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Halloween can be daunting for homeowners – depending on the demographics of the neighborhood that you live in. Many tricks come at a high expense to the homeowner. Eggs ruin cars and windows if they are not removed speedily. Here are some ways that you can keep your home safe from Halloween pranks. Some are ways to prevent vandalism as it can be expensive to remove such things as eggs, spray paint, pumpkins or toilet paper from personal property.

The most basic way to deter pranksters or young adults from playing pranks on your home is to leave an outdoor light on – as well as an indoor light, such as a hallway or foyer light. The indoor light, as well as the outdoor light will cause it to look like someone is awake within the house and therefore any vandals might be deterred.

First, install motion sensor lights and ensure that the batteries are in working order before Halloween night. Motion sensor lights can ensure that vandals will be deterred because they are in bright lights when they enter the property.

Ensure that all gates leading to the backyard of the home are locked and secured. This way, no one will be able to enter the backyard and vandalize personal property.

Remove all pumpkins and decorations from the front of the home to ensure that they are not used against the property or they are not there to tempt vandals. Pumpkins should be removed as a popular form of vandalism is smashing pumpkins on the property of those that have left them there after the days of Halloween.

Home alarm systems are a great way to prevent intruders. Although I would not recommend having a home alarm system installed for one day a year it can be helpful to have it installed so the inside of the home is protected against intruders – especially against intruders that may come out on Halloween night.

Once all the decorations have been removed they should be placed within the garage or inside the home. Halloween decorations can be expensive and therefore vandalism can try to be avoided.

If by chance the house does get vandalized with eggs or toilet paper, two of the traditional techniques used for vandalism it should be removed as soon as possible. Eggs or toilet paper can ruin anything from windows to trees and should be removed with a high pressure hose and residue can become permanent.



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