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Halloween Night Tips for Home Security

Published by Jeanmarie Tushoski

pranks that happen to pets and other animals during Halloween. Some youngsters don’t have the empathy and compassion to understand how frightening and potentially injurious pranks on animals can be.

The best bet, for everyone involved, is to make your home and vehicle a less interesting target.

Top Ten Halloween Security Tips

1. Round up and keep all animals secure during Halloween and throughout the night. If you have black or dark cats, keep them inside starting several days before Halloween.

2. Have fewer targets available outside. Keep jack o’ lanterns inside and shining through a front window. Bring in all bicycles, lawn ornaments, or other small, portable items. If you are low on garage space, just find space inside for the night.

3. Don’t let your car be a target. This is a good opportunity to clear out the garage enough to park your cars inside.

4. Motion sensor lights are a year-round security feature. If you are not handy, go talk to the people at a large do-it-yourself store, such as Lowes or Home Depot. There are motion sensor kits available to screw into outdoor lights and there are even battery and solar powered kits to put in motion sensor lights where there were no lights before.

5. Give candy/treats to all trick-or-treaters. Yes, there should be an age cut-off for trick-or-treating, but there are always going to be a couple of older kids that are going to push it and then feel justified if a home owner belittles them or denies them a treat. A nickel candy isn’t much and it can save you big headaches later.

6. Motion activated water sprayers are an effective defense against cats in the garden and tricksters on the lawn. Strategically place one or two around the house. Water sprayers can be found in large do-it-yourself stores and online.

7. Spot lights can deter many pranksters. While you may not wish to do this most of the year, having a brightly lit yard, even shining lights from your second story, will remove some of the “cover of night.”

8. If you know you have some under-aged tricksters in your neighborhood, keep a large pitcher of water near the front door to pour on smoke bombs or flaming lunch sacks.

9. Encourage the local Neighborhood Watch to increase routes during Halloween and to encourage Neighborhood Watch teams to be visible and to play flashlights over any dim areas in neighbor’s yards.

10. Get to know your neighbors. Start having end-of-the-season neighborhood barbeques or block parties. A family friend is not a fun target.

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