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Halloween Origami: An Easy Kit and Free Ideas

Published by Winnifred Raridon

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Eerie Origami for the Monster in All of Us

To celebrate Halloween this year, fill your living, work, and school spaces with the cutest little monsters on the block. Give them to friends, or treat your tricksters with little paper pumpkin comrades alongside the obligatory sugar rush.

Even if you’ve never done origami before, this Halloween origami kit will get you started for just ten bucks: Eerie Origami. It includes a booklet introducing the basics of origami as well as diagrams for the cutest designs I have seen this season. It also includes the paper that you need to make all the figures in the book!

Since I know this will only get you started on a frenzy of ghostie-making mayhem, there are more resources for Halloween origami ideas. You’ll need papers, but otherwise they are all free.

The Best Way to Learn Origami is in Person

Some craft stores offer free classes with the exception of your materials, and with Halloween around the corner they will probably be focusing on seasonal designs. Following diagrams can be much less intuitive and when you’re starting out it’s easy to get confused, so learn in person if you can! This way your army of Halloween soliders can look their best.

Halloween Origami Video Websites

If you can’t find any classes in your area, check out video websites such as origamitube.com and origamivideo.net. Since most websites only offer scanned images of handwritten and hand-drawn diagrams, watching a video can be the key to take your Frankenstein from dud to stud.

Origami Books from the Library

This outlet is above the websites because Halloween origami books will at least have diagrams printed in an easy-to-read fashion for the beginner. Plus if you glean some older designs then your origami legion will stand out from the rest… not that you’ll necessarily have a lot of competition.

Halloween Origami Websites

If you are a little more seasoned by the time you get to this step, then the handwritten diagrams on the websites might be all you need. Tons of cute designs exist out there for free (including my favorite from Anita F. Barbour: Twin Dancing Skeletons!), and you can easily print them out to use in a craft time or class of your very own. Just remember to start with easy things so you don’t get too overwhelmed!

What’s great about origami is that since all the little guys are made of paper, all you need is a piece of tape to hang it from a locker, a cubicle wall, or a lamp. Many origami pieces are freestanding, but you might consider a small piece of double-sided tape to keep your new Halloween origami friends in position and not blowing around. Wolf Man might be exquisitely frightening, but he is actually quite fragile when faced with the circulating air of office air conditioners or the sneeze of a kitten.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Once Halloween is over all you need to do is film aforementioned kitten smashing its way through your army and you will ultimately rise into the viral video hall of fame. Just don’t forget where you came from, Mr./Mrs. Big Stuff.




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