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Halloween Paranormal Vocabulary Quiz: Are You a Believer or Oblivious?

Published by Anthony Fukada

Volleyball Professionals

c. A Wisconsin coffee company

d. Executive Vice President

4. HEX

a. A television show that aired on BBC America.

b. A type of computer code

c. An on-line magazine for heathens

d. A magical spell

5. ESP

a. Extrasensory Perception

b. A guitar company

c. An emissions testing, equipment and consulting firm

d. A consumer protection package – Extra Service Protection

6. ELF

a. A line of cosmetics

b. A 2016 movie starring Will Ferrell

c. An impish creature of Germanic mythology

d. Something you can do to yourself at officemax.com during the Winter Holidays.

7. EGO

a. The conscious, self-aware part of the mind in Freud’s opinion.

b. The American Stock Exchange designation for the Eldorado Gold Corp

c. A brand of electronic moped

d. A television network dedicated to success, prosperity and fame.

8. ASH

a. The common term for the remains of cremation.

b. An Irish rock band

c. A U.S. legal-action anti-smoking organization

c. The American Society of Hypertension

9. ORB

a. Unexpected, luminous round anomalies in photographs

b. An on-line reference book for medieval studies

c. A celestial sphere such as the sun or moon

d. A round lamp or bulb

10. GHI

a. The Good Housekeeping Institute

b. The Boston University Global Health Initiative

c. Group Health Incorporated and HMO

d. A SyFy channel show featuring global ghost investigations.

Answers: 1. C, 2. C, 3. A, 4. D, 5. A, 6. C, 7. A, 8. A, 9. A.,10 D.


9-10 Correct – Either a true believer or just informed skeptic, but you seek to understand unusual phenomena.

6-8 Correct – You rank above average in general knowledge, and you may be a secret fan of the SyFy channel.

3-5 Correct – You may or may not believe in ghosts, but you enjoy the fun and games of Halloween.

1-2 Correct – You turn your lights off at Halloween and eat the candy yourself, at least it’s real you reason.

0 Correct – You wouldn’t know a ghost from a banshee. You may be a nice enough, but you lack in imagination.




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