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Halloween Parties for Kids

Published by Emelina Hopskins

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Kids love Halloween and what better way to celebrate than with a Halloween party. Heck, you might even find yourself getting just as excited about Halloween party ideas as the kiddies. Fortunately, Halloween party ideas abound throughout the month of October, so your event planning should not be too arduous. If you find you are stumped on ideas for Halloween party themes, here are a few decorating and planning ideas that might help you get started.

Themes and decorations – Decorations for your Halloween party can be as simple or as creative as you want them to be. From pumpkins and bails of straw to cobwebs and fake blood there are a ton of cool, yet reasonably priced decorations for your Halloween party themes. If your party is for smaller kids, keep in mind you might not want to make it too scary. Chainsaw murders and bloody corpses lining the drive might better be replaced with a creepy spider theme or mummy party. You don’t want kids going home crying for mommy and afraid to go to bed by themselves. Check out a party supply store where you will be able to find cheap theme ideas and packages including just about everything you need for your Halloween party.

Invitations – More and more invitations are being sent over the internet theses days, but if you’re not tech savvy or just like the old-fashioned personalized touch, there are still plenty of options. Hit Factory Card Outlet, the Dollar Tree, or similar store for a wide selection of invitation options, or you and your kids can make handmade invites for a more personal touch.

Games and activities – Halloween parties are the perfect place for fun games and activities. Everything from bobbing for apples to a wrap the mummy in toilet paper race is fair game. You might also want to consider a costume contest where awards for scariest, funniest, creepiest, etc. are handed out. Then of course, there is always trick or treating!

Party Favors – You might be saying to yourself, “The kids already have a ton of candy, what else do they want?” The answer to that question is probably “More candy!” Therefore, since these kids might be hitting the streets to solicit more treats, consider handing out safety themed items as your party favors. Reflectors, reflector tape, or glow in the dark items such as glow sticks, glow in the dark candy buckets, and similar items to make the kids more visible when outdoors can be perfect treats. If the party is staying inside, kids love gruesome items like fake vampire teeth, disgustingly fake dead bug candy, gooey, sticky wall crawlers and all sorts of other Halloween favorites. Remember, party favors don’t have to cost a lot to be tons of fun and provide hours of entertainment!



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