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Halloween Party for Dogs..

Published by Amie Morrow

Halloween party for dogs the first thing you must understand is that dogs are stupid, they are so stupid they don’t know what a party is. If you get a bunch of them together in one house they will assume it is some kind of indoor park. They’ll act like dogs all night long and you will probably drink heavily until you think that they are acting “cute” and actually enjoying this more than you are. Secondly you should realize that most dogs hate wearing any kind of clothing, so even if you think it’s soooo adorable to dress your Border Collie up like Charlie Chaplin and parade him about with other dogs in stupid costumes you are really just torturing the poor animal so that you and your friends can have a good laugh. You’re expressing your creativity or “socializing” your dog. If you really want to throw your dog a party, give it some bacon and take it out into the wilderness and remind it what freedom is like, instead of forcing your own stupid traditions and social ideas on them. Seriously, dogs don’t even know what Halloween is,.

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