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Halloween Party Ideas: Food Central

Published by Mattie Bothe

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Create a Spread to Please Your Favorite Ghouls and Goblins

If you’re thinking of hosting a Halloween party this year but have no idea what kind of food to serve, never fear. With a little creative thought, you can cook up a meal that will have the residents of Transylvania drooling with envy. Your guests will be amazed as they sample delicious delicacies like vampire eyeballs, severed fingers, and monster brain. They will wash down a spicy witches stew with ghoulish brew. Kitty litter cake, tombstone cookies, and creepy crawler cupcakes will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Get the kids involved in planning the eats for the Halloween party. There’s plenty they can do, and they’ll enjoy creating a menu that only sounds revolting–one that no one will soon forget.

Appetizer Ideas

No Halloween party is complete without some truly delectable starters. Here are a few quick and easy ideas!

Monster Brain Cheese ball is sure to be a hit with both the young and old. If you have a family recipe for a cheese ball that everyone devours, simply tweak it a bit and shape it into a brain. No recipe? Take a few softened bars of cream cheese and add food coloring until you achieve a gray shade. Now add some chopped onion and chopped corned beef. Shape the mixture to look like a brain. Serve with crackers.

Vampire Eyeballs are easy to make with cherry tomatoes, cream cheese, and black olives. Stuff the tomatoes with cream cheese and then place a sliced olive in the center. Instant eyeballs!

Severed Fingers Sandwiches are simply modified mini pigs in blankets. Cut your hot dogs in half and wrap with dough. After you bake them, squeeze a bit of ketchup at the end where the hot dog was sliced. Now that’s some real finger food!

The Main Course

If there’s a must serve at any Halloween party, that has to be a big steaming pot of chili. Use your family recipe or try a new one out. Just make sure you let everyone know they’re eating witches stew. If you have time, make up special recipe card to place next to the chili. Ingredients are sure to include beating hearts (tomatoes), ground up rodent (meat), shrunken kidneys and livers (beans), fingernail clippings (onions), and witches powder (spices). If you have kids helping, they’re sure to come up with all kinds of gross ingredients to play around with. The whole family is sure to have fun thinking of all kinds of twisted things to add.


The variety of adult-friendly cocktails you can serve at your Halloween party is virtually limitless. Have your guests create a special Halloween cocktail to play off their costume, or simply rename their favorite drink for the night. For example, your guest who shows up dressed as a zombie, the one who only drinks gin and tonic, he might request the “undead elixor”.

A ghoulish brew that’s kid-friendly is an easy task. Simply pour punch and Sprite into a large punch bowl. Drop in an ice ring that you’ve pre-frozen with cherries and grapes (more monster eyeballs). Lastly, add tub of Cool Whip. Have at least one more ice ring handy to keep the punch cold throughout the night.


What’s a Halloween Party without an overload of sweets? You can make a quick Jello dish with Halloween molds purchased from your local store. A giant Jello eyeball or brain is sure to be a hit with the kids. Another easy dessert is creepy crawler cupcakes. Simply follow the recipe for cupcakes on the back of any cake mix. Add food coloring to vanilla icing to create ghoulish green or orange and black Halloween theme frosting for the cupcakes. Place a gummy spider or gummy worm atop the cup cakes for an instant Halloween inspired dessert.

If you have more time to spare, you might get the kids involved, and make tombstone-shaped sugar cookies. You can use a tube of writing icing to customize your tombstones for each guest. Write R.I.P and a guest’s name on each cookie. You can use these as place markers on the table, or send them home with your guests as a Halloween favor.

Another fun idea for Halloween dessert is the Kitty Litter Cake. You’ll need a box of cake mix, pudding, vanilla cookies, and tootsie rolls. Crumble your baked cake in a large pan (or a container that looks like a litter box for added fun). Top the cake with vanilla pudding. Next, crush vanilla cookies until they mimic the size of kitty litter. Remove about one third of the crushed cookie and add green food coloring to it. Next, mix the green cookie with the rest of the crushed cookies and place on top of the pudding. Finally, mold the tootsie rolls to look like kitty poo and add to the “litter box”. This dessert will have your guests laughing for sure.

Don’t forget to label all your scrumptious eats. Simply write the name of each dish you serve on an index card and place it next to the food. There’s lots of fun to be had in creating a Halloween menu that will amuse your guests the whole night through. Let that inner child in you come out for the night. Halloween is all about fun, so make sure you have plenty of it while you plan and host your next Halloween party.



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