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Halloween Party Ideas for Adults

Published by Carletta Sollis

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Although kids have their trick-or-treating to do, and teenagers usually have a costume party, adults can also enjoy this autumn holiday in more ways then simply handing out candy at their front door, carving pumpkins, or playing spooky music over a loud speaker on Halloween night.

Adults can have a costume party of their own with Halloween style hors d’oeuvres, buffet style meal items, and, if desired and legal, adult beverages. Inexpensive door prizes can be awarded to the best-dressed couple, such as the couple that arrives as Napoleon and Josephine, a French Fry and a hamburger, or a spoon and a fork. Hosts may wish to consider playing a few traditional Halloween songs between more current hits. The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack, the Ghostbusters soundtrack, and The Monster Mash are always popular favorites.

Sometimes, the best way to celebrate Halloween is to return briefly to our childhood with a dear friend, sharing in a few embarrassing screams and shielding our eyes from the television. Consider inviting a small number of close friends to the home for a night of popcorn, snacks, and a horror movie marathon that will leave everyone laughing at their selves throughout the night.

For those who prefer intellectual settings, invite friends to a small yet formal dinner, possibly consisting of food items that have historical significance to the Halloween holiday. Share information regarding Halloween history and encourage group discussion amongst the guests.

Yet, it is not Halloween specifically that must be celebrated. For those who prefer not to celebrate Halloween, consider inviting friends over for a celebration of autumn. Dining, whether formally or informally, on foods that have been personally harvested or purchased from local farmers can encourage a celebration of all that has been cultivated and reaped in the local region. If the weather is appropriate, consider dining outdoors so that the beauty of the changing trees and the colorful leaves blanketing the Earth can be viewed.

Regardless of whether one is celebrating Halloween, the autumn season, or the harvesting season, decorate the home in some special manner to provoke conversation amongst the guests. If celebrating autumn or the harvest, place colorful leaves that have been gathered from the trees outside about the inside of the house in woven baskets or in unsuspecting nooks and crannies. Pumpkins, gourds, pine-cones, and acorns also serve as beautiful seasonal decorations. If celebrating Halloween, have fun with artificial webbing, spiders, or rubber snakes, turning the home into a temporary haunted house that is more fun than frightening.

Whether one decides to have an adult celebration of the season, decides to celebrate the holiday by taking their children trick-or-treating, or decides to celebrate by distributing candy from their front door, the Halloween season can be enjoyed by all.

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