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Halloween Party Ideas for and Suggestions for Tweens

Published by Lashawna Montroy

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These Ideas for a Preteen Halloween Bash Feature Loads of Fun

Throwing a Halloween party for tweens is a pretty easy task. This group is unlikely to be upset at a Halloween party by scary effects while still being young enough to appreciate fun novelties. Lets take a closer look at some various aspects of throwing a party for tweens.


If one is looking for a theme past the basic heading of Halloween, there is one huge idea for a tween theme that immediately comes to mind. Nothing is more popular among young people right now than the Twilight books, and a theme built around these books is sure to be a hit. If the idea of a Twilight party is a little too corny for your tween, yet they still like the idea of a vampire bash, go retro and honor Dracula or vampires in general. The party can start at Twilight.

Decorations and Effects:

A tween Halloween party doesn’t need decorations as much as needs effects and atmosphere. A little bit of dry ice fog will go a long way toward creating atmosphere, especially if it can be coupled with the disorienting flash of a strobe light. Other Halloween lighting effects can also be accomplished by turning on a black-light and using black-light paint to add a fun glow to the night. (Black light paint is available at Costumes4Less.com.) A great soundtrack for the evening is a must, so incorporate some fun Halloween noises and shrieks into the music for the party. It is especially effective if the noises can play at sporadic points during a song instead of in between lulls.

Such effects are not for everyone though, so make sure to only utilize the special effects in a certain portion of the home or party location. Some people will need a break from the strobe or the noise, so a “safe room” is a great idea. To keep kids from feeling self-conscious when ducking out of the party, the eats can also be located here (where they will be most visible also).

Party Games or Activities:

Do-It-Yourself party games are the best type to create this Halloween. Give a classic game like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” a Halloween twist and turn it into “Pin the Head on the Horseman” in honor of Sleepy Hollow. Whenever someone does accomplish this feat, have a special effects sound of a loud horse whinny to salute their great work (and give them a fright!).

An additional fun activity is to hang up a Halloween inspired Piñata and fill it with all of the yummy candy the tweens would have picked up if they were out trick or treating. A large assortment of Halloween themed piñatas are available at PinatasforParties.com at reasonable prices considering the item.

Party Favors:

Last but not least are the goodies to send home with party-goers. If the party is going to be exceedingly scary, then have a little fun with the guests and send them all home with a nightlight to keep away the monsters. Otherwise old faithfuls like Halloween candy (that the tweens will surely be wanting, even if they consider themselves to old to go door to door) and Halloween pencils and erasers are a fun treat. An added bonus to hand out is a card containing URLs for them to check out over the next several days to see exclusive party pictures and videos.

Tweens can have a lot of fun this Halloween with their friends and family by putting together an informal party full of fun and creative twists on “Trick or Treat” revelry.



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