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Halloween Party Ideas!

Published by Loria Nicka

Halloween party this year!

When it comes to any type of get-together, the first thing I think about is food. Halloween has been a holiday known to offer quirky treats that are quick and easy to prepare. On OurBestBites.com, they feature a Nutter Butter recipe that requires you to dip the cookie into white chocolate or almond bark, and use chocolate chips for the eyes. Nutter Butter’s are naturally shaped like ghosts, so the white-colored coating just seals the deal!

Another common spooky snack I’ve seen amongst Halloween parties, are Oreo Spiders! The Oreo cookie is used as the body of the spider, and the pretzels and licorice are used for their creepy, crawly legs! It’s a creepy treat that’s sure to satisfy your taste buds!

PebblesInMyPocket.com features a witch-broom idea, in which a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup is used as the base/bristles, and a pretzel stick is used as the broomstick. It’s incredibly easy to throw together, but it’s also a very recognizable Halloween treat!

If you’re attending a Halloween-themed party, you’re going to expect to play some games, am I right!? One of the most classic Halloween games is when you fill a dark room with creepy-feeling food, and tell your guests that they’re feeling brains or intestines! It’s sure to give them the creeps!

Another classic Hallow’s Eve game is the Doughnut On a String challenge. In this game, people have to put their hands behind their back, and eat doughnuts off of a hanging string. The person who finishes their doughnut first, wins!

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without decorations, whether you’re throwing a party or not. MarthaStewart.com offers a great idea by suggesting lime green balloons with glow sticks in them to represent ghoulish faces! Just use a permanent marker to draw on the faces, and you’re good to go!

Country Living Magazine offers some great ideas, too! Their idea that appealed most to me, was lining up pumpkins going up a stairwell to spell out a word. For instance, if you have 9 stairs, you can line up the word, “Halloween”, with each pumpkin representing a new letter on each stair.

Hopefully these ideas will help you throw a great Halloween get-together this year! If you have a child or family member born near Halloween as well, try throwing them a themed birthday with the ideas listed above. They’ll be sure to have a blast!

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