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Halloween Party Pooper: Why I Don’t Celebrate Halloween

Published by Silas Colacone

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Cape crusader saves world from unhealthy chocolate

That’s my mission.

Nearly 365 days a year I’m willing to dawn cape & mask most anywhere so I can share the secret of healthy chocolate with the world. So why am I a Halloween party pooper? It may not be exactly what you think, so if you are wondering why a grown man will dress in costume nearly all year long except the day when it seems right to do so, then read on to find out why I don’t celebrate Halloween.

*** Fear ***

Fear is not a good word. Oh, it may seem fun to scare and torment other people. There are plenty of people make headline news through their abilities of making others afraid. Normally these people wind up behind bars or on death row, unfortunately on Halloween the world instead seems to want to join them for a 24-hour period.

I know I know, I’m taking this to seriously. But do you know how many lives are lost on Halloween? Do you know how many animals become living sacrifices on Halloween? Yes, I’m taking this serious for one simple reason. It is serious.

*** Health ***

Even if everything goes okay while Trick or Treating, you now are bound to deal with the bounty, which may or may not be tainted. Even if someone hasn’t done something evil to these “treasures” you still must consider the ingredients that will be going down your child’s body and how unhealthy this generation is. Today we have an obesity problem; events like this won’t do much to change that fact.

Given that my superhero mission is to spread the word of healthy chocolate it would be out of place for me to support an unhealthy event. Yes, I do have fun in my life. It is a healthy fun that I enjoy. Clean laughter, pure humor and wholesome food are all part of that equation.

*** Beliefs ***

No, I’m not going to turn this into a religious discussion. That’s done on the web so much that I’d only be repeating someone else’s tired pros.

However, Google the word Halloween and research its historical origins. If it strikes you as something that deserves recognition then by all means celebrate. The @BodyByChocolate man of Twitter simply did not arrive at that conclusion after completing his research and as a result became a Halloween party pooper.

People often have “Harvest Parties” or “Fall Festivals” in place of celebrating Halloween. I think events like that are great alternatives to normal celebrations of this day. Whatever you decide is indeed your decision, but now you know why I don’t celebrate Halloween.





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