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Halloween Party Word Games

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Add Some Fun to Your Halloween Party with These Popular Word Games

If you will be throwing a Halloween party this fall, it is crucial that you find appropriate Halloween party games to entertain your guests and ensure that everyone has a great time. Here are some Halloween word games which require your guests to put on their thinking caps and are sure to give your party goers a memorable Halloween party experience.

Halloween Word Scramble Game

This word game is great individually or in pairs. In this simple game, everyone gets a pen and paper and tries to see how many words they can make from the letters H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N. The team with the most words wins. This game can also be expanded to include other Halloween-related words, such as scarecrow, pumpkin, or Frankenstein. The possibilities are endless. Be sure to have a dictionary on hand in case of any word disputes!

Halloween Crossword Puzzles

Halloween crossword puzzles are another way to provide fun for your Halloween party guests. There are several websites on which you can find free printable crossword puzzle games, including http://www.halloweengames101.com/halloween-games-print.html. This website offers printable crossword puzzles in both easy and hard difficulty levels, allowing guests of all ages to have Halloween party fun. The crossword puzzle is another great game that can be accomplished individually or in teams and if desired a prize can be given to the person who finishes in the fastest time.

Halloween Word Search Puzzles

Free printable Halloween word search puzzles can be found many places online, including http://kids.creativity-portal.com/d/projects/puzzles/halloween-wordsearch.shtml. If you are feeling creative, it is easy to make your own word search puzzle. Simply come up with a list of Halloween-related words and hide them among other letters. For easy word searches geared towards children, only hide words in a horizontal or vertical manner. Difficulty can be increased by spelling words backwards or placing them diagonally. Like the crossword puzzle, the Halloween word search game can be played for fun or a prize can be awarded to the person or team who correctly finishes in the fastest time.

Halloween Storytelling Game

This game is great for children and allows each to express his or her creativity. Before beginning, give everyone a slip of paper and instruct them to write a Halloween-related word or phrase. The papers then get tossed in a hat and each person participating chooses one. The game starts with the first person starting a story based on his or her word or phrase. Person one talks for one minute, then passes to person two who must continue the story incorporating his or her word or phrase. The game continues in this manner until everyone has had a turn to contribute to the story. When playing this Halloween game, you will undoubtedly end up with a very silly Halloween story which the kids will love.

When playing all of these Halloween party games, be sure to have yummy treats or spooky trinkets to give away as prizes for all the game winners. These word games are all great ways your guests young and old will be sure to have a great time at this year’s Halloween party.




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