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Halloween Pet Dangers: Simple Ways to Keep Them Safe During the Holidays

Published by Pamula Pettigrove

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Halloween is right around the corner and soon all of the ghosts and goblins and other creatures of the night will be tapping on your door hunting for some goodies. Halloween is a scary time for most animals and even though your pet is normally sweet and gentle and subdued it does not take much to spook them and send them scampering off into the night scared to death. Our pets love to munch on a Halloween treats too but that is not a good idea. Here are some tips to help make this a safe and Happy “Howl” loween for everyone.

Pets love chocolate and as pet owners we all know that if they have too much this could be fatal. If your pet does sneak a piece of chocolate that has managed to find it’s way on to the floor there is no need to panic. An animal has to eat a large amount of chocolate for them to be in any serious health danger. Baker’s Chocolate holds the most toxicity and they would have to eat half the bar and for larger dogs they would have to eat a lot more for them to be in danger. If you do suspect that your dog or cat has eaten some chocolate no matter what the amount is what you can do is administer some Hydrogen Peroxide orally. Ask your local vet first about the correct dosage since it varies by the weight of the animal. Hydrogen Peroxide induces vomiting and will do so within a few seconds of administering this.

Candy wrappers also pose a health hazard when ingested. The wrappers can become lodged in the intestines and cause severe blockage and this will lead to expensive surgery and could also be fatal.

Pumpkins cause no harm to our pets unless they have candles sitting inside of them and the dangers of them knocking them over and starting a house fire is there. Cats and kittens are curious little creatures and will walk over to the pumpkins and be entertained by the flickering of the flame and they may singe their whiskers and they could easily burn their tiny little noses on the flames. To take this danger away use glow sticks inside of the pumpkins instead of candles or even mini flashlights.

Electrical cords and wires cause a danger to pets too. Kittens and puppies may want to play with the cords that are dangling down and then chew on them and they will have a shocking experience. Keep all of the electrical wires and cords taped down and out of reach of both the kids and pets.

If you have a black cat or a smaller breed of dog be sure to keep them inside while the trick or treaters are out. Halloween is known to be the time for cults and gangs to go looking for sacrifices and Black cats and smaller breed dogs are their targets.

If you are considering taking the family dog on a walk while you take your kids trick or treating or if you do not have any kids and want to take your dog for a walk do this before any Halloween activities begin to trickle about and once you get back home place the family pet inside of a room that is away from the front door and you can turn on a TV to drown out the hustle and bustling that is going on in and around your neighborhood.

There are some pet owners who love dressing up the family pet for Halloween too. This is not a great idea to do because of the fact that kittens and puppies love to chew on everything and they could accidentally ingest part of the costume whether it is a button or a piece of lace and this could become lodged in their throats or even lead to an intestinal blockage where expensive surgery will be necessary.

Be sure that your pet has his or her collar with their ID tags which has the owners name and number on them just in case the animal does get out and can be found and returned to the owner.

Everyone Have A Safe & Happy Halloween!

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