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Halloween Political Masks for 2016

Published by Carlie Gavigan

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Will You Dress like Obama or Sarah Palin?

Halloween 2016 is going to be more fashionable than any other year with the following Top 5 Political Masks of 2016.

Barack Obama – For only $19.99, you can be the President of the United States this Halloween. Purchase your Barack Obama Presidential mask online through www.halloweencostumes.com and save more than $20 in comparison to leading department stores. The Deluxe Barack Obama Mask is made of latex and is one-size-fits-all. Purchase your own suit (with or without jacket and tie as made famous by the President) to complete this costume.

Michelle Obama – Who wouldn’t want to be the 1st Lady for an evening out on the town? Michelle Obama masks can be purchased through www.buycostumes.com for $19.99. The Michelle Obama Mask is made of 100% rubber and is one-size-fits-all. Air holes are present to help with breathing and decreasing heat. Wear this mask with an evening gown to finish off this Presidential look and impress all of your friends and colleagues.

Sarah Palin – Whether you love her or hate her, Sarah Palin is popular this Halloween. Put your Sarah Palin Halloween costume together by replicating her signature look (rimless eyeglasses, fitted blazer, fake rifle and/or baby in hand, etc.). The most affordable way to compile this look and make it work for yourself is to visit your local Walmart or Target and purchase items separately and/or in conjunction with items you may already have in your closet. The Sarah Palin costume would not be complete without lipstick for the pig (and maybe a few newspapers).

Bill Clinton – William Jefferson Clinton is popular once again with Halloween crowds across the United States. Bill Clinton’s Presidential mask can be purchased in major Halloween stores across the country and also online at websites such as www.halloweenstore.com and www.bizrate.com (prices vary depending on quality of mask). Masks range from silly (sticking tongue out) to serious (furrowed brow). Complete the costume with suit and tie.

John F. Kennedy – Honor the passing of the last Kennedy brother (Teddy Kennedy) by wearing this mask inspired by his late brother John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Purchasing this full mask is easy when you visit www.buycostumes.com. For only $18.99, you can wear this mask with pride while trick-or-treating down your street with your children. This JFK mask is 100% vinyl rubber and one-size-fits-all. Customer reviews are available through the www.buycostumes.com.



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