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Halloween Pumpkin Pops

Published by Jc Rawling

orange candy melts. Set the stick into a Styrofoam block, or even a glass bowl of candy. When the melts have set up pipe on a bit of green frosting as the stalk on each pumpkin.

Don’t waste the stumps that you’ve cut off of the mini muffins. Spread frosting across one, stack another, do the same again, and make them three or four high. Frost the whole stack and pipe a skeleton, ghoul, or ghost on top.

There are even easier pops that can be made for Halloween. Ever seen those little pumpkin candies? Push a stick through the bottom of each one to make a small but adorable pop. Or, make doughnut hole pops, and dip them into orange candy melts.

Pops just seem to fit right in to most any holiday or celebration, and with Halloween approaching, the same can be said for that holiday. Your pops will go over well with the crowd and you’ll probably make them again, year after year.

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