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Halloween Safety for Children

Published by Jennifer Hammerly

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Steps a Parent Can Take to Insure Their Child’s Safety

A fun and exciting time for children, Halloween can also hold its share of danger. There are numerous steps that a parent can take to insure their child’s safety.

1) Never allow your child to go trick or treating alone no matter how old they are. An adult should always occupy the child.

2) Have the child carry a flashlight or light stick so he is clearly seen in the dark.

3) Consider trick or treating at a safe location such as a mall or other public place that is offering a Halloween event.

4) Walk with your child when he goes up to a house to ring the doorbell.

5) Explain, in depth to your child why he should never got into a house that belongs to a stranger.

6) Attach reflective material to the child’s costume so he is clearly seen on a dark roadway.

7) Walk on sidewalks and other pedestrian locations. Stay out of traffic.

8) Go over the candy your child receives at Halloween. Discard any that appear to have been opened or are home made. Discard fruit which can easily be tampered with.

9) Teach your child to walk slowly and not run.

10) Teach your child not to touch lit pumpkins or other flames.

11) Dress your child in a flame resistant costume.

12) If your child is scared of any of the Halloween decorations or animations do not force the issue. Let the child pass on that house and move on to the next one. Halloween should be a fun experience and not a scary event for the child.

13) Dress the child warmly beneath their costume and don’t allow him to take off his coat if he gets hot. Many children will become chilled after sweating when they remove their protective clothing in the inclement weather.

14) Carry a cell phone with you when accompanying your child trick or treating.

15) Always let another adult know exactly where you and your child will be trick or treating and what time you will be home.

Halloween is a fun time for young and old alike with a few safety steps.



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