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Halloween Safety Tips

Published by Julie Averbeck

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Keeping the Trick or Treaters Safe

A lot of issues come up when a parent is preparing for Halloween. While the child is thinking about costumes, the parent is thinking about how to make sure it’s safe. They’re thinking of all the candy and we’re thinking about dental bills. Here are a few tips to help you keep the kids safe on Halloween.

Costumes: Several things need to be thought out here. If your child is wearing a mask, he or she needs to be able to see clearly…and breathe. Capes are usually a bad idea, as it’s hard to tell where they’re going to end up. Costumes that might cause a fall, such as those with restricted movement or long trains may also need to be avoided.

Pumpkins: Lighted pumpkins are a classic of the evening. However, most are lighted with candles. Mix that with costumes, and you have the danger of a fire.

Cars: Kids in a hurry to gather more loot are not likely to look both ways before crossing a street. A parental hand may prevent a tragedy. If your child feels too old for hand holding, you may mention that he or she is probably too old for trick or treating.

Idiots of a Criminal Nature: There are a lot of these idiots around, and they do a variety of bad things to kids. Some put poisons or razors in candy. Others think it’s a great time for touchy feely. Always search your child’s candy before they have any, and toss anything suspicious. This includes fruit unless you know who gave it to your child. As for the molester types, strong adult presence will often deter them.

Lights: Just as kids don’t watch out for cars, drivers may have a hard time seeing the kids. This is even more true if they dress up as Dracula or a witch, wearing dark clothing. Lights are the best means of making sure your child is well seen.

Overdoing the Candy: My mother let us have free reign of the candy bowl the first Saturday after Halloween. Other than that, she put it up and doled it out. Most of it lasted till Christmas. The unpopular pieces tended to still be around for Easter.

If you don’t want to or can’t do that, many dentists offer a trade: Bring in the candy and get a prize. You don’t want a sick kid and they don’t want more cavities to fill, so it’s a win/win situation.

Halloween is a fun time, and with a few precautions it can be enjoyed. Being a watchful parent today means your children will have great memories when they grow up.



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