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Halloween Shots to Pump Up the Party

Published by Justin Ewert

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Halloween shots can make Halloween even more fun. Nothing is more exciting than preparing spook-tacular Halloween shots in your case and your friends to enjoy. These Halloween shots are simple to make and so are delicious to drink, but be mindful with the alcohol; it may knock you down harder than Casper the friendly ghost can ever do.

Sure, it is nice to wear Halloween costumes in Halloween parties. You are free to be Frankenstein’s monster, Count Dracula, a princess, or a werewolf. But some ghoulish Halloween Shots really can spice up the night. Your buddies will surely enjoy spending time together in your backyard under the eerie moon, while sipping refreshing Halloween shots.

You can prepare many kinds of Halloween shots. Pick a book about wines or drinks in general, or simply a specific book about Halloween shots if you find one. Regular drinks that you make any time of the year can be modified to make it spookier. For instance, try adding a bit of orange food color to your regular drinks and you now have refreshing Halloween shots.

Try to experiment with edible decorations added inside your Halloween shots. You can make them as ghoulish and as twisted as you wish. Simply do not forget that the colors of the occasion are red, green, orange, and black. Don’t just go for any red, green, or orange, though. Neon green will not make your Halloween shots that creepy. If you can, go for blood red, algae green, and pumpkin orange. Of course, black is black.

Finally, do not forget the props. Stick a couple of chili pepper ends onto the rim of your Halloween shots to represent devil horns. As an alternative, add an eyeball from the mad eye martini. These creative garnishes would really go well with your devil-red pomegranate margarita.

Concocting Halloween shots for your Halloween party is not that hard. You only need a bit of imagination and creativity. Don’t let the spirits take away your senses, though. Never drive after having some Halloween shots. Someone on a broomstick might pull you over along home.



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