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Halloween Snacks

Published by Kerrie Mccalley

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Spooky Treats for Halloween Tricksters!

To keep things fun, yet simple, for Halloween this year, try making your own snacks for a Halloween party for your family. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on bakeries and caterers, use your imagination and a little time in the kitchen. In this article, I’ll give you a few of my own little ideas I’ve used in the past – feel free to call them your own!

Do your kids just hate celery? Make the love the little green sticks by turning them into mini monsters! Simply take a stalk of celery, cut it into a few three inch pieces. Fill the center with peanut butter, cream cheese, or spreadable cheddar cheese. For the eyes and mouth, use raisins, chocolate chips, or even the pimentos from green olives.

Bake up some sugar cookies – kids LOVE them! Take out the old holiday cookie cutters from Grandma’s house, then make some bats, ghosts, and insect shapes. Really make them gross by coating them with green or black icing.

Need a cool refreshing drink? Take a bottle of fruit punch, lemon lime soda, and rainbow sherbet and fill up a punch bowl. Next, grab a bag of gummy worms and night crawlers and pour them on in. To make “zombie hands” float in the mixture, fill up a couple rubber gloves with water (be sure to thoroughly wash them first!), wrap a rubber band around the “wrists”, then freeze overnight, then peel off the latex and drop the frozen hands in the drink. Kids are sure to get a kick out of this!

While you’ve got the rubber gloves out, make a spooky trail mix! Fill up a dozen washed rubber gloves with candy corn, popcorn, and chocolate chips. Wrap a rubber band around the “wrists”, then set in a party bowl for party favors.

Want to make a creepy veggie platter? Why not make a miniature version? Use holiday paper plates for a special theme. Place two green (or black) olives on the plate as eyes. For the nose, fill a small Dixie cup with ranch dressing and place in the middle of this “face”. Then, for the mouth you can use carrot sticks, celery sticks, or a mixture of both! Also, you can use this idea for chips and dip! For the eyes, put two small Dixie cups filled with guacamole onto the plate. Use salsa in place of ranch for the nose, and tortilla chips for the mouth.

Grab a large plate from the cabinets and place down a single layer of crackers. Coat the crackers with cream cheese, then place a single green olive in the middle for a “Cyclops Eye” effect.

Just remember, simple is always better. Kids are so easy to please, and they’ll eat anything if you tell them it’s “monster brains” or “Dracula’s Blood”. Enjoy these recipes, and pass them along to your friends!



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