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Halloween Story That is Funny but True

Published by Krista Rathmanner

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I remember one Halloween when I was 9 years old because it was the funniest Halloween that I ever had. There was me, my brother, four of my cousins and my mother and we were going trick or treating. My one cousin Johnny has had terrible eyesight since the day he was born, and he has always worn glasses. Well, this particular Halloween he was wearing a mask that did not allow him to be able to wear his glasses but on he went anyways. I remember walking away from a house and hearing him yelling but I didn’t see him anywhere. Turns out he had wandered across the street to a house with a scarecrow out in the front yard and was yelling at this scarecrow because it wouldn’t hold his bag of candy. When I went over to get him he was almost in tears because my mother (the scarecrow) kept dropping his bag of candy on the ground. When I explained the situation to him he began to cry even harder because he was embarrassed. To this day I still cannot figure out how he managed to walk around in the dark without his glasses and not fall, but managed to yell rather angrily at a scarecrow because he thought it was a person.

This next story I am going to tell you seems to be funnier to every one else except me. When I was five years old my mother made me a costume for Halloween. She made a clown costume that was simply amazing, however she made the hat about 6 feet tall and didn’t take into consideration that I would be around 8 feet tall when wearing this hat. Later that night she took me out trick or treating and every time I went up onto a porch my hat would hit the ceiling and fall off, or take out all the Halloween decorations on their porch. It kept falling down over my eyes and then I would fall down because I couldn’t see where I was going. The whole time all I can remember is every adult that I encountered laughing at me because my hat was so ridiculous. By the end of this night I am pretty sure that my mom went through a whole bottle of Bactine, and a box of Band-Aids. However, that did not stop me from enjoying every second of my hard earned Halloween candy!



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