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Halloween Tailgaters: The Tailgate Party Revisited

Published by Arletha Kropfelder

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Everybody knows what to expect when going to a tailgate party and the same goes for a Halloween party. But why not combine the two to create an awesome party for everyone! The standard tailgate party includes beer, snacks, football fans and of course a tailgate! However, you don’t need to be in a parking lot of a stadium to throw a tailgater. You can throw one from the warmth and comfort of your living room and you can include Halloween festivities to kill two parties in one.

To make the Halloween theme work, you need to find a game on a Saturday that your friends will be interested in that falls around Halloween. Start your party in the afternoon with the standard tailgate festivities, but be sure to include on the invites that guests should dress up for a Halloween Party. By doing this, you will ensure that both sexes will have fun at the festivities. Men will for sure enjoy the game and the women can enjoy the after party.

The food that you serve should be fitting for football as well as a kicking party. Good items are going to be simple and cheap, as you will have guests at your place for a while. Appetizers can consist of the traditional chips and dip, but try to stick with fall colors. A good idea is to buy multi colored tortilla chips. Pumpkin cookies are also a must to keep in with the Halloween Theme. Other appetizers can include mini-pigs in blankets and snack mix. For dinner during the game stick with pizza, but arrange the pepperoni in Halloween shapes like bats or pumpkins. These should tie everyone over until the game is over, then the party begins! Make sure that you are integrating football themed serving wear with Halloween themed items.

For the party, if you are going for a drinking party, orange, purple and green Jell-O shots are a must! Also, you definitely need to serve the drinks in Halloween cups. Serving beer will surely please a majority of your guests and help to tie in the tailgater portion. Make sure to offer a variety of other drinks for guests, serving spiced drinks will keep in theme with Halloween.

Decorating you home with Halloween decor will help to keep with the theme, and you and your partner can dress up as a football player and cheerleader (as cliché as it seems, it will help rollover the tailgate portion of the event).

You can serve snacks at this portion of you tailgates. Some good ideas are traditional Halloween candy, candy apples, popcorn balls, and anything that will make your clean up in the morning easier.

Just keep with things that your friends will like. By the time the Halloween portion rolls around, most of your guests will already be in party mode and this will make the transition smoother. If you are throwing a traditional tailgater at a football game, you and your friends can still dress up. Most colleges offer discounts for patrons who do this around Halloween. After the game you can return to you Halloween decked out house and have the party of a lifetime, just be sure to have safe rides for all guests from the game. A fun idea is to rent a party bus for everyone, the more people you invite the cheaper it will be per person! The most important thing to remember when planning a Halloween Tailgates is that everyone needs to be safe!

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