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Halloween Tips for Kids with Food Allergies

Published by Pamula Pettigrove

Halloween candy handed out on Halloween which can leave kids with food allergies feeling a bit disappointed on an otherwise fun evening.

Having safe, fun treats for kids with food allergies to choose from can help eliminate the disappointment kids have when they can’t eat many of the treats received while trick or treating. When choosing treats, parents need to always need to read the ingredient labels. What was safe to eat last year may have changed due to change by the manufacturer’s processing.

If candy is not an option, consider letting your child trade unsafe treats for coins, trading cards, stickers, pencils or small toys. Make trading in the unsafe treats a game and your child will be more focused on having fun than examining all items he or she can’t eat.

Parents who have kids with food allergies can make the evening less stressful by planning ahead. Following food allergy best practices and having safe treats for kids with food allergies to trade for unsafe treats received while trick or treating can make Halloween a safe, enjoyable night everyone looks forward to.

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