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Halloween Traditions for Families

Published by Merlin Leachman

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The last step in preparing for Halloween is deciding what treats to give out to your Trick or Treaters. This is a great time to get the kids involved. My mom used to make me feel like my opinion was very important because I was a kid and I knew what other kids would want. I used to think really hard about what treats my friends would like before ultimately picking my favorite candies in the hope that there would be some left over.

There are a plethora of opportunities for creating family traditions on the actual day of Halloween. Many people, who do not have small children, love to visit haunted houses on Halloween. I have a cousin who often brags about how he always handles haunted houses better than the girls in his family. In keeping with the haunted house theme, telling ghost stories is another great Halloween family tradition. One Halloween, my aunt, several friends, and I went to a local graveyard at midnight and told stories to try and spook one another. Even though we have not been back, we often talk and laugh about our experiences that night. And, of course, the story regarding who got scared the most changes with each re-telling of the tale.

Attending or throwing a costume party is another way to create great family memories and traditions.

Lastly, the best Halloween tradition that my family had was trick or treating. My sister, brother, and I loved to go out and see how much candy we could bring back. With the plethora of bad food choices that come into play on Halloween, another great Halloween tradition to start would be to inform children about good nutrition habits.

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