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Halloween Treats for Less Money

Published by Kerrie Mccalley

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How to Save from Having Empty Wallet Fright

Whether planning a huge Halloween party or just wanting to decorate for the neighborhood tick-or-treating kids, here are some tips sure to save your dough for a few treats during the ghostly holiday.

-It may sound counter-intuitive, but do your shopping really early or last minute. The selection is usually best before or at the beginning of the Holiday season, but the prices are usually at their steepest discount last minute. Depending on your priorit

-Want that $100 fun Halloween dancing skeleton with the Rick James’ song “Super Freak”? Or the screaming witch that scares all the little kids? Or the evil laughing mirror? Go for it. But pick just one centerpiece to be the star of your party. Don’t suppl

-Use what you have or suitable substitutions. Not all candles have to black & orange for the season. Using or buying cheap white tealights convey the same feel and theme as darker-colored candles, but cost way less. White sheets hanging convey ghosts

-Make your decor for that unique Halloween look. Find dead tree branches, use baby powder to create “dust”, revamp broken furniture or objects with some black spray paint and use it as part of your decor. Making a pumpkin pie? Use the remains as a scary j

-Look for discounts on other merchandise. Don’t stick to the Halloween section just because it seems the only place to get Halloween-type items. Some stores carry old-age “Over the Hill” merchandise with plenty of black decorations, like black paper plate

-Change up or add a twist to your theme. Scary Halloween themes doesn’t have to be the main idea behind the decor or food. A night or a Fall theme may work just as well as filling the area with just images of goblins and severed body parts. Don’t forget t

-Possibly your most cost-effective approach would be to ask others to pitch in, share what they have, or swap decor or money-saving recipes. Neighbors or friends invited to the gathering or who want to share the candy dispensing will be (or should be!) mo

-For music needs, many local radio stations will celebrate the holiday with appropriate music. You know that radio station that pulls out “Jingle Bells” the day after Thanksgiving? Check with their music lineup for the evening, or try and request some mon

-It may sound odd, but look for coupons and coupon codes for discounts and money off your purchase at costume stores, or online or brick-and-mortar shops. Offline (print) coupons will be issued by major brands for candy, popcorn for popcorn balls, and sna



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