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Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Alternatives

Published by Emanuel Lagrimas

diabetes or food allergies. Providing alternatives to Halloween candy can make trick-or-treat night just as enjoyable for them. A survey of 1,200 children by KidsHealth.com revealed that many kids actually appreciate treats that are not sugary, sweet, or sticky. I grew up with one such kid. He was always just as excited as the rest of us to go door-to-door collecting candy on Halloween, but because of his diabetes he was unable to eat the candy he collected. He and his father came up with a unique solution. After he collected as much candy as he could, he would head home to “sell” each piece of candy to his dad. The money he received was used to purchase toys or other treats he could actually enjoy.

This year, instead of sugary candy, try handing out snack size bags of salty treats. They are a healthier alternative to all that candy and the kids love the little individual size bags. Look for large variety packs at your local grocery store or wholesale club. Some salty alternatives are:




If you don’t want to spend alot of money on trick-or-treat handouts this year, party favors are a great alternative to candy. Target offers economical options such as bags of 100 rubber bracelets or 48 pumpkin-shaped erasers for only $3.99. OrientalTrading.com and CurrentCatalog.com also offer a multitude of affordable Halloween themed novelty items such as:

Glow-in-the-dark toys


Temporary tattoos

For a treat that both the kids and their parents will appreciate, check with your nearest McDonald’s or Wendy’s restaurants to see if they offer coupon books. Most do around Halloween. The books usually sell for about a dollar and contain 10 -12 coupons for free items such as french fries or Frosty desserts. Kids love fast food and parents love anything free.

Sure, most kids prefer to receive candy on Halloween but why not provide an alternative for those who don’t? Offer two bowls of treats this year. Fill one bowl with traditional trick-or-treat candy and one with an alternative treat. Let the trick-or-treaters decide which they prefer. You may be surprised.





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