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Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Alternatives

Published by Silas Colacone

trick or treat goodies. Children receive so much candy on Halloween night that they practically can open their own candy store. This year would be a great time to start giving out healthier snacks and candy alternatives. Here we have some easy ideas for candy alternatives kids will boo with joy to receive.

Granola/Cereal/Snack Bars – a sweet alternative to candy and cookies with healthy grains and less sugar.

Fruit snacks – real fruit juice and vitamins, and kids love them.

Raisins – iron rich and great source of fiber.

Sun Chips or Baked chips- small bags of Sun Chips or baked chips are better than regular potato chips.

Pretzels/Popcorn – snack size bags of pretzels and microwave popcorn are available at supermarkets.

Change – do you save all your coins? A few pennies, a nickel, dime or quarter makes a great trick or treat candy alternative.

Small toys – inexpensive small toys and party favors can be found at dollar stores and online in large packs. Spider rings, Halloween beads, play cars are some examples.

Stationary – pencils, small notebooks, erasers, stickers, crayons, also can be found at dollar stores and online in large quantities.

Bubbles – small bottles of Halloween bubbles are available at most dollar stores. They usually carry plain everyday bottles also, if you can’t find Halloween colors.

Play-doh – many stores are carrying small variety packs of play-doh for trick or treating gifts.

Coupons – lots of local businesses will have coupons that can be handed out for a small treat. You can get a pack of coupons for a small frozen yogurt for instance.

Sugar-Free Candy – if you would still like to give out candy this Halloween try looking for sugar-free versions. There are many sugar-free lollipops that taste great. Also, many of the big candy companies are putting out sugar-free versions of their popular brands. Some companies have removed the sugar and substituted them with fruit juice. These are definitely worth looking for.

Have a healthy safe Halloween!

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