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Halloween Trick-or-Treating Tips for Toddlers

Published by Eufemia Bartos

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Getting your toddler prepared for Halloween is a lot different than getting a 10 year old ready. Do not be caught off guard while you are out trick-or-treating because you forgot something or did not plan on having something else. Being the mother of 4 children, I have been through it all. Let me share with you my tips and tricks for making your toddler’s Halloween night fun and enjoyable for you both.

Weather appropriate costumes are going to be a must. If you live in a hot climate then you want to get cool and light fabric costumes. If you live in a cooler area then get something thicker and heavier for the costume.

Make sure that if it is going to rain you have an umbrella. Prepare for your evening by knowing what it is like outside. Ensure your child’s costume is weather resistant. If it is hot then do not put underclothes on the child. You want your kids to have fun and being wet and hot is not going to help.

Non-Flammable Halloween costume. If your toddler is anything like mine were then they are going to trip and fall every chance they get. All the carved pumpkins with candles and bonfires going on at trick-or-treat houses it is best to stay away from costumes that catch fire. We do not want our kids stepping back away from a door, tripping on a pumpkin, and catching their Halloween costumes on fire. Let’s avoid this at all costs.

Choose a costume that is easy to change. We are still contending with diapers and pull-ups. Be sure the costume is easy to get on and off so your toddler can go potty themselves or you can easily change their diapers.

Buy one size too big costumes. Most of us put underclothes on our children before their costume anyway. Furthermore, you want the toddler to be able to run and move. If the costume is too tight this will hinder them. Also, do not buy the costume too big.

No head pieces kids will normally take them off. You don’t want to lose pieces of the costume. Any tiara, hat, mask, helmet, etc. is a good idea to stay away from.

Nothing to hold. Not even the candy bag will stay in their little hands so why give yourself more to carry. Bring a backpack to put extra diapers, bottles, cups, any anything else you need in. Bring a plastic grocery bag so you can dump your toddler’s candy bag into it when it gets too full. The backpack will keep your hands free for more important things like making sure everyone crosses the street correctly.

Flashing pins, glow sticks pinned to clothes, glow necklaces and bracelets are a priority. These will allow your child to have a little freedom while you still keep an eye on them.

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