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Halloweens Coming-Get Ready Quick!!

Published by Mattie Bothe

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Halloween-on Tight Budget!!

Put on your thinking caps and get ready!! Halloween is fast approaching and you do not want to spend a fortune or look like you have a homemade costume!! Let’s get started!

  1. Begin in the closet, attics,garage; make a pile of things you have been wanting to get rid of.
  2. Search junk drawers for paper clips old batteries, string glue, anything you can think of.
  3. Get an idea! Think about your child’s favorite hobby or sport, get to work. Don’t buy anything unless absolutely necessary.
  4. Don’t forget to ask neighbors, thrift stores and anywhere friends and neighbors, or church members get rid of stuff.
  5. You have an idea:
  6. I am a scuba diver::Dress child up in swim goggles,flippers,breathing tube and use black tights and sweat pants, and yeah! No cost scuba man, my son was a big hit age 8 with this.Use orange Tape for reflectors on clothing,buy cheap $1.00 flashlight pumpkins to light the way while walking-puchase these at Dollar General type stores.
  7. I am a belly dancer::This is big with girls age 3-9: Use old dance outfits sheer pants with tights underneath for warmth and security. Wear dance leotard and use old ballet TU-TU-s or slips for tops, cut for size. Purchase beads and princess tiaras at dollar stores or make one from gold tin foil and wrap it around a stiff headband worn like tiara, have child decorate with glitter and glue. All things are probably in your junk box already!
  8. I am Darth Vader or any Star Wars character::Use a bike helmet decorated with construction paper staple and glue to shape like Darth Vader character. Use tape recorder of real movie underneath while walking, wear a black cape made of dyed sheet or one you may have already. Have children carry walkie talkies to scare others and leave one recording home outdoors with solar candles when you are not home, put out scarry skeletons and home made creatures with pre-recorded movie scarry voices from things you have at home.
  9. I am Bob the Builder::Use dad’s construction hat and tool belt with plaid work shirt and tools made of plastic from dollar store-age3-7 boys, great!!

In conclusion: Use tin foil,silver,gold,christmas paper, paint, stickers, let the children get invollved and there is a great book
called,The Pennywhistle Halloween book, with great ideas for music, food and parties!!
Do not Be Afraid, my children only want store bought things, and I can hardly carve a pumpkin, I received great compliments on my home made costumes,.

Happy Spooking!!



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