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Hand Turkey Craft: Draw a Simple Thanksgiving Handprint Turkey

Published by Ken Ridner

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Handprint turkeys are an easy Thanksgiving craft project for young kids. The instructions for drawing a hand turkey are simple and straightforward. Two variations on the turkey holiday craft project that use paint and construction paper are provided in the last section of this article.

Materials to Make a Hand-Outline Turkey

Gather all of the materials kids need to make a turkey from the outline of their hand before beginning the craft project:

  • white sheets of paper
  • pencils
  • markers, crayons, colored pencils, or paints
  • feathers, beads, sequins, or other materials to decorate the turkey (optional)
  • glue (optional)

Easy Instructions for Tracing a Handprint Turkey

Give kids a sheet of white paper on which to draw the turkey. Tell the children that the first step is to trace their hand. Demonstrate this by placing your own hand with fingers spread on a sheet of paper and tracing the outline.

Explain to the children that they need to draw the bottom of the turkey’s body freehand since their wrist is in the way of their tracing.

After they have drawn the bird, instruct the children to draw the turkey’s eyes, bill, wattle (red skin that hangs from the bird’s neck), and legs and feet. Explain that the fingers of the handprint are the turkey’s feathers. A photo of a real turkey may be helpful for kids to look at for inspiration.

Have the children explore their creativity by coloring or painting the turkey and the scene. Perhaps the turkey is on a farm, in a field, or in someone’s backyard. The kids may want to decorate the turkey by gluing on supplemental materials, like feathers or beads.

Hand Turkey Variations

Tracing their hand is an easy way for kids to make a cute turkey for Thanksgiving. There are a couple of other options for doing the turkey art project that you might want to explore with kids. The first is less time intensive and the second is more time intensive.

The first variation involves having kids dip their palms in paint and then press their hand to a piece of heavy white paper (paper plates work really well) to make the turkey. Consider using different colors of paint for the body and feathers of the bird.

The second variation involves using construction paper to make the bird. As with the hand turkey drawing, this bird craft variation involves tracing. The body of the turkey is made from a cut-out outline of the child’s feet, and the feathers are made from cut-out outlines of the child’s hands. See “Hand and Foot Turkey Craft” on EnchantedLearning.com for instructions.

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