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Have a Fun Halloween for Teens

Published by Merle Bickmore

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Once you hit high school, Halloween starts to get harder to celebrate. You don’t want to let go of your trick-or-treating years. You want to go to parties. But, sometimes it’s not easy to find things to do for teens.

Growing up as a teen, I still participated in trick-or-treating, parties, and the whole whatnot. The deal is, however, to keep it safe and fun for teens.

Haunted House Tours
From the real to the fake, these types of tours are sure to please. I’ve been to fake haunted houses in both Alabama and Florida. Of course, they’re all over the United States. You can perform easy searches online for your local area. Some of them are set up by schools, and some are set up by just pure geniuses with dark minds. Forest of Lost Souls Haunted House tour is known to be pretty scary. If you’re near El Dorado Hills, California, head on over there.

One of my favorites is the Haunted House of Horror located in Courtland, Alabama – right off of US Highway 72. Although the tickets are about $25, the tour does last awhile. The best part is, you don’t have a tour guide speaking the entire time. You walk in with a group of people and go at your own pace.The rooms take on a haunted look with old furniture, cobwebs, and near-darkness. You never know where someone is hiding – from a bed, to a television set. The part that get a little bit scary is the walk outside through a man-made swamp like area. There’s usually someone following you. Take a tour if you dare…

Theme Parks
If you can afford the little extra, hit up a theme park at Halloween. Universal Studios and Busch Gardens offers their own Halloween fun. One of my sisters loves going to the Howl-O-Scream house tour every year that Busch Gardens offers it. The dinner show can be a bit creepy. Hit them up online to get your tickets just in time for Halloween. For the Universal Studios Halloween fun, there are chain-saw people and scary clowns out and about the park. Even Disney World and Disney Land offer up family fun for Halloween, although their fun is geared more towards the younger children.

House Party
Usually you don’t want your teens going off to parties. So, why not have one for them? If you don’t want a big one, you can have a simple one, for say, ten teens. I had one in my junior year of high school. Scary movies, candy, and games to play, and we were all set for a night of fun. To also save money, each person that came brought something simple, like a bag of candy or a movie. I provided the place for the mini party, decorations, and some food and refreshments. As for decorations, make it stand out. I made a spooky portrait where the eyes seem to follow you. I hit up Big Lots and Walmart for anything with a darkness theme to it.

No matter how old you get, you will still want to trick-or-treat. I remember my mother wearing a goblin mask and going trick-or-treating with us kids. My senior year of high school I was out trick-or-treating. I figured it was my last year with most of my friends, so why not make the most of it? I kept the costume simple to save money. My witch costume was put together with clothes that I already had and a cape the I purchased for about $5. If you don’t want a boring bucket or a bag for candy, get a pillowcase and decorate it with fabric paints in a Halloween theme.

If you want to keep Halloween a family thing, then catch a couple of Halloween movies at either the movie theaters, or, to save money, catch them on television. AMC, ABC Family, Disney Channel, and many more channels offers tons of Halloween favorites all throughout October. I never miss AMC when they run their horror movies throughout October! And of course, the series The Walking Dead is returning just in time for Halloween.

Other Family Fun
One thing I like about Halloween is pumpkin carving. Even teens love this. You can check online for crazy pumpkin ideas and carve something out of the ordinary. From scary characters from favorite horror movies, to haunted house scenes, these will make the pumpkins stand out.

If pumpkin carving isn’t on the Halloween to-do list, many towns offer Halloween tours through historic areas. Most towns will offers tours through old graveyards, through scary houses that might be haunted, to more. This can be fun and educational at the same time; plus, these kinds of tours are relatively inexpensive.

From cemetery haunts, to night games (like Dead Man’s Hide-and-Go-Seek that uses the dark for hiding), to haunted tours of old homes, to so much more, make your teen’s Halloween this year a fun and safe one.




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