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Have a Happy and Healthy Halloween!

Published by Emelina Hopskins

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From Tropical Halloween Smoothies to Pumpkin Muffins and Green Apples with Dip

With the huge emphasis on candy and sweets every Halloween, it seems almost impossible to truly enjoy Halloween without delving into a pumpkin load of fatty, high sugar sweets and candies. Try these delicious and nutritious Halloween candy alternatives at your next Halloween party. Your body and waistline will thank you!

Green apples and yummy dips
Instead of loading up on chocolates and candy corn, slice a dozen or so crisp green apples and place decoratively on a tray. Fill two or three small containers with different dips, such as creamy peanut butter, sugar free chocolate, or low sugar caramel. Make sure that the dip containers are small, to encourage only slight coating of the apple slices. You can even experiment with other dips, like yogurt dips.

Whole wheat pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting
Prevent your kids from chomping down on three or four sugary grocery store cupcakes, by baking your own pumpkin muffins using whole wheat flour. Many familiar pumpkin bread batters work great as muffin batter. You can substitute half of the white flour with whole wheat flour. Add raisins or nuts to the batter. Bake and top with your favorite cream cheese frosting (with half of the sugar). Top with cute and colorful Halloween decorations, and you have a delicious and healthy Halloween snack for your child and their friends.

Tropical Halloween smoothies
Enjoy some delicious Halloween drinks by making a batch of yummy Halloween smoothies. Using oranges as your main ingredient for their bright orange color, add healthy choices like bananas, yogurt, frozen yogurt, pineapples, mango, or strawberries to your smoothie mix. Top with black plastic spiders and other scary Halloween decorations for more Halloween fun. You can make each smoothie separately, or just make a punch bowl full of the yummy tropical juice. You can even add carrots, or try a pumpkin smoothie recipe.

Chocolate covered fruit
If you must indulge your chocolate cravings, you can go for a healthier chocolate fare by making a tray of chocolate covered fruit. Favorites include chocolate covered bananas covered in crushed peanuts, chocolate covered strawberries and cherries, or even chocolate covered raisins. You can follow a recipe to make your own or buy them at a local candy specialty shop or grocery store. Some candy shops offer sugar free options, which you may want to follow to lower the number of calories per serving or if you or someone you know has diabetes, hypoglycemia or sugar allergies. Other alternatives are caramel covered fruits.




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