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Healthy Halloween Trail Mix

Published by Nelson Misik

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This healthy trail mix is easy to make:
• 3 c of rolled oats
• 1/2 c banana chips
• 1/2 c of dried, chopped pineapple
• 1 c wheat bran
• 1/4 c of vegetable oil
• 1 c powered milk
• 1 c of honey
• 1 c of chopped pecans
• 1/2 c of silvered almonds
• 1 c sunflower seeds
• 1/2 c toasted pumpkin seeds

Combine oats, banana chips, pineapple and wheat bran in large mixing bowl; mix. Mix vegetable oil, powdered milk and honey in separate bowl. Drizzle oil/honey mixture over mixture in large mixing bowl; add nuts and seeds. Mix all to cover lightly. Spread mixture on jelly roll sheet/rimmed cookie sheet. Toast in moderate (350 degree) oven, stirring every ten to fifteen minutes until lightly brown. Cool slightly, stir. Allow to cool completely on sheet. Store in an air tight container.
Pack in individual small containers or bags for snacks or lunches.



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