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Healthy Snacks for a Child’s Halloween Party

Published by Denis Ciaccio

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Five Healthy Recipes

Your precious mummy and vampire have talked you into throwing a Halloween party for them and twenty of their closest fiends. You know there are plenty of sugar laden party snacks out there, sure to rot out even the toughest of fangs, but you want something better. What’s a good dungeon mistress to do? Make something spooky, yummy, and satisfying without the sugar demons.

Ants on a Log

Celery sticks


Peanut Butter- smooth and low-fat

Remove all the leaves and cut the celery sticks into four to five inch lengths. Spread the inside with peanut butter, and then stick the raisin “ants” into the peanut butter. No true fiend can resist eating a helpless insect victim.

Alien Eyeballs

White and red seedless grapes

If your little monsters are older, they can help with the prep on this one. Peel the grapes and when you put them on the table, make a sign saying, “Alien Eyes-They may be watching YOU!” These can be served frozen or just cold from the fridge.

Mashed Monster Guts

One can of chickpeas

2 tablespoon lemon juice

2 cloves of mashed garlic


Dash of olive oil

Stick Pretzels

In a blender, mix until smooth the chickpeas, lemon juice and garlic. Scoop into a bowl, sprinkle with the paprika and olive oil. Serve with stick pretzels. The table sign here should warn of the possible dangers of eating monster guts. The pretzels should be on a plate labeled “twigs.” Also, if you really want to up the visual yuck factor, you can color the mashed chickpeas with food coloring to a slime green or lurid blue. Experiment to find your most vile color.

Lizard Blood

Green Powdered Drink Mix, 2 envelopes

2 quarts water


2 liters Ginger Ale

In a large punch bowl, mix up two quarts of water and the drink mix. Add enough Splenda to sweeten. Then add two liters of ginger ale to add a nice fizz. Label the bright green concoction, “Lizard Blood.”

Haunted Forest Seeds

A six pack variety of unsweetened personal-sized cereal

Nuts, variety

Mix the dry cereal and the nuts* which could include pine nuts, peanuts, pecans, soy nuts, sunflower seed kernels, or walnuts in bowl. The ratio here is going to depend on the size of your crowd. Please note, this is six SMALL boxes of cereal, the individual size ones. Label this bowl, “Haunted Forest Seeds.” You can tell your guests that planting them in just the right conditions, causes a haunted forest to grow.

Now you are ready to feed all the little monsters and feel good knowing you didn’t add to the sugar rush of the holiday. Happy Halloween.

*Make sure none of the children have nut allergies.



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