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Heavy Metal Music for Halloween

Published by Loria Nicka

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Heavy metal fans, are you tired of the Halloween bashes that only seem to serve up the same old regurgitated and trendy “safe” music? How many times can you listen to “Monster Mash” on Halloween before you find yourself forcefully restraining your own growing need to mash somebody’s speakers? How long, heavy metal fans, before you lose all self control on Halloween and begin gouging out your own eyes as high-pitched voices screech “We wear short shorts…” in “The Purple People Eater”? Fear not heavy metal fans, the solution to your Halloween woes are right here.

The Misfits (head on over to their website at Misfits.com or just click here)

First and foremost, we must begin with the original fright band. Relishing in the old black and white B-horror flicks from yesteryear, The Misfits are a perfect fit for a heavy metal Halloween bash. With heavy metal tunes like “Astro Zombies” and “Ghouls Night Out”, you and your friends can not go wrong this Halloween season.

Rob Zombie (Robombie.com can be found here)

Another B-horror movie fan, Rob Zombie not only has the voice of a devilish beast, but he often looks like one as well. For your heavy metal Halloween social gathering, you will not want to go without the likes of “Living Dead Girl” or “House of 1000 Corpses”.

Marilyn Manson (the interactive Marilynmanson.com can be found here)

Of course, no heavy metal Halloween would be complete without the terror of Marilyn Manson. With the terrifying sound of “Cryptorchid” or his creepy cover of “I Put a Spell on you”, Manson does scary music like no other, and your heavy metal Halloween gathering will simply be lacking without this addition.

King Diamond (thrills can be found at Covenworldwide.org, or just click here)

If your heavy metal Halloween bash is going to take off, your guests will require the operatic sensations of the original heavy metal ghost story song writer, King Diamond. Easing between high-pitched vocals and growling narrations, King Diamond can make your guest’s skin crawl at your heavy metal Halloween bash.

Heavy metal fans do not need to subject themselves to the grueling kid fest that Halloween has become. As heavy metal fans know, Halloween is not really about all the candy and apple bobbing, it is about the three “M”s: mayhem, murder, and madness. The above heavy metal artists certainly have plenty of the three “M”s to offer your guests at your upcoming Halloween fest. So, go ahead, spike the cider and break out the incense, your heavy metal guests are expecting a memorable Halloween event. Or, if you are a family man, like me, you can just stick with the superhero costumes and fairy dresses.



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